Verbatim unveils the Next Generation 2.5" HDDs (Press Release)



I just posted the article Verbatim unveils the Next Generation 2.5" HDDs (Press Release).

Verbatim launches a whole new line of Verbatim 2.5” Portable Hard Drives (HDDs). With the new, elegantly designed External Hard Drives, consumers and businesses can immediately add 120, 160,…

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Ugh. How about Verbatim dump whatever execs are making these sorts of calls on their product line and get back to making quality CD and DVD media? I can’t trust verbatims any more… that great Adzo dye is usually splotched on their discs, no longer made in Japan. Quality control is horrible… the last batch I got was worse then CMC-Mags.


Yikes, I’ll bet if you sat that drive in front a mirror, the mirror would break. That is one of the ugliest designs I have seen. These nerds who produce all this technology need to hire a couple of designers who can add some class and style to these products. Now Toshibas new portable HDDs coming out soon have an incredibly sexy design. I have been debating about purchasing a Western Digital portable HDD for a long time until I seen the new Toshiba portable HDDs. Verbatim needs to take some lessons from Toshiba.


@jawaaa It’s not that bad! The Western Digitals are just a plain rectangle shape (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’ve got a portable Seagate Free-Agent. I preferred it over the WD’s.