Verbatim UltraLife archival vs Kodak Gold+Silver

Anyone know how the new Verbatim UltraLife archival CD-R/DVD-R compares to older Kodak Gold + Silver CD-R?

The Verbatim uses silver for reflector for it’s superior reflectivity and gold on top of silver to provide the silver reflector a protection against oxidation.

The Kodak Gold + Silver that was available in early 2000s used a single layer made of 95% silver + 5% gold alloy.

How do they compare against each other?

I’ve not used Ultralife CD-R, but Ultralife DVD-R does not seem to burn as well as DatalifePlus DVD-R.


Comparing against each other for longevity right?

I’d trust Verbatim over the Kodak as the Kodak CD-R seem very fragile and can easily lose their data layer from the label side of the disc.

Just regular Verbatim 8x -R is probably just as good as the ultra expensive “Ultra life” stuff but hey, I doubt verbatim created a lie and made some improved ultra life media that had no difference to regular 8x-R.

The Ultra life stuff also has scratch resistant surface. Now the thing is, if you do scratch it (trust me, it’s not hard) it will produce more errors than a normal DVD with the same scratch. Not sure why but I got failed TRTs off ones that are scratched whereas regular 8x-R can be scratched and TRT still passes fine.

Anyways, treat the DVD with care and the scratch resistant surface really comes in handy since can easily wipe away dirt and smudges without ever making any small scratches like on normal DVDs.

Well it’s quite simple MCC or MBI? Most people would choose the MCC. And considering the price Kodak are trying to flog off their “Gold” MBI’s, you would be mad not to go for the Verb’s.