Verbatim to Lite On

I am wondering what improvements I will see if I try to flash my Verbatim ($14) 401248AL to a Lite On. can someone send me the both firmware’s @

can i achieve mt. rainer some how?

ok i’ve gone through the forum a bit and have answered many of my questions. my only question still remaining to be answered, is how to tell whether or not my drive is a lite on? i would like to update to the newest lite on 40x12x48 firmware in order to achieve mt rainier support. i have located the firmware & the mtkflash utility.

still if someone knows how to tell whether or not my drive is a lite on i’d appreciate it.

Is it using SmartBurn? If so, it’s a liteon. Does it have any model numbers on the case?

Wow! $14. I just ordered one that will be $30 after rebate. I haven’t recevied it yet. TechBargains said Staples had the Verbatim 40x12x48 that may be rebadged Lite-Ons. Like you I have done a sserach on the forum seeking to find out how to determine if it is a Lite-On rebadge. The Verbatim website said it has burn proof technology but not specifically that it is burn proof. Did you determine if yours awas a Lite-on and if so how?

if the only requirement to understand whether or not this drive is a lite on is by checking whether or not it has smartburn than I have to say yes that this has smartburn. In Nero, go to recorder -> choose recorder -> click on the verbatim drive -> then click options. At this point there was a grayed out box that was checked “Buffer Underrun Protection”, and another box you could uncheck labeled “SMARTBURN.”

Also the only markings on my drive are VBT401248AL.

TambourineMan: Go to and look for a thread for this drive you should be able to get it for what I paid, or less if all the rebates come in. I’m being conservative with my $14 estimate, if all of them come in then it will be like I am making $26.

also which liteon 40x drive is this? LTR-40125W or LTR-40125S ?

also which liteon 40x drive is this? LTR-40125W or LTR-40125S

It’s whatever you want it to be, with MTKFlash and a bin file.

is there a consensus on which is better? why?

Every drive has different tolerances and unique characteristics that affect how it will perform with a given firmware. Media also plays a large role, so if you can’t get high quality media that will make a difference. Your best bet is to try ZS0N(40x) and VS06(48x) and run the standard tests under both F/W to compare.

ok I flashed to a LTR-40125W firmware as i was reading on the post that a lot of people were having problems w/ the tray not ejecting on the LTR-40125S. I don’t know what usual tests you are reffering to but i decided to use the crappiest media that i own (ritek) and burn at 40x. It finished an almost full cd in 2:55. I’d say that it’s working. I don’t really care about going to 48x (I know, one day I will be bored & I will try it!). As for now I’m using WS09.

I am happy to hear of your success. My Verbatim is due to arrive today. Like you I was simply seeking a Lite-On drive underneath the label and the ability to have the OS and burning software recognize it as a Lite-On. I have a Buslink DVD and without doing a thing it is recognized as a Lite-On 163D. I would rather have reliable CD’s than a burn time one minute less than otherwise.

Hi all- I was able to flash my verbatim 40x12x48 to a liteon 48x12x48 sucessfully. I was able to burn at 48x but I had quite alot of damaged sectors per CD speed scan disk- using several types of media- the only f/w that gave me error free burns were the original verbatim f/w and ZS08 (lite-on 40125s)- all the other f/w (for liteon 40125s, 40125w, and 48125w) gave me damaged sectors- I’m curious to hear other people’s results using Nero cd speed scan disk function- mabye I just got unlucky with my particular verbatim drive. Thanks JZ