Verbatim to deliver 8x DataLifePlus DVD+R media this month

I just posted the article Verbatim to deliver 8x DataLifePlus DVD+R media this month.

GristyMcFisty reports us that via a press release on Yahoo! Finance we can read that Verbatim has announced that it will begin shipping 8x certified DVD+R media this month. The 8x…

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maybe with 8x media coming out, we will see if better media will help some of the drives struggling with crappy media :slight_smile:

Well the 4x TDKs can already be written in 8x with my sexy plexy. :slight_smile:

yikes, I pay $1.68 for a 4x disc. I’ll take the option to buy 2.4x more discs than I will to burn in

Strange my Verbatim DatalifePlus x4 DVD+R medias burned just fine at x8 on my Plextor PX-708A, so may be it’s just a name change ?

Nope, the Plextor is the only drive that I know that is able to write certain 4x DVD+R media at 8x. The new Lite-On drive (LDW-811S) cannot do this and requires certified 8x media like these new Verbatim discs. So it’s a little more than just a name change.