Verbatim, the best?

I use a lot of different brands of DVD single layer. Believe it or not, the one brand I’ve had the most problems with is Verbatim. Yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be the best. Over the last year or so I’ve bought 3 100 packs at NewEgg (2 packs were DVD+R and one was DVD-R, all 16X). All three were bought separately months apart. In each 100 bundle I had somewhere around 10 coasters (and I hardly ever get coasters). Can’t explain that at all. I have three burners, none of them that old. After seeing that rate of failure in three different purchases at three different times, I’m rather reluctant to buy any more of them. Dunno if Verbatim makes different quality of the same disks or if I just got bad batches. If I got bad batches, seems rather odd I’d get three in a row.

I’ve used Sony, HP, Memorex, and hardly ever get coasters (most of the time with those, I can go through a whole 100 disk bundle without a single coaster). I then try Verbatim and get more than I’ve ever got of any brand. As I said, I don’t know what to think.

Well, you’ve got nothing but Lite-on’s listed in your signature. What do you expect? :bigsmile: (Pioneer fan chipping in here :slight_smile: )

Even with the “neo” Verbatim I’ve never had a true coaster. The Prodisc made 16x +R’s I’m using now are not as good as my previous batch from CMC, but they still burn just fine. Do you know which manufacturer your batches came from?

I avoid Memorex like the plague. Your experience runs counter to most I’ve heard.

Hey man, don’t be knockin my Lite-ons! :slight_smile:

Seriously, these drives have been flawless for me and I use them a lot. I’ll have to get some of those Verbatim disks out and run a check to see what they are (I did at one time but can’t remember). As far as the Memorex, they get a very bad rap and score low but I’ve not had coasters with them. I normally buy Sony (usually wait till they go on sale at Staples) and they’ve worked the best for me. DVD disks are weird. One says one sucks and another says they’re great. I can’t even get Verbatims around where I live, have to get them online. Dunno if NewEgg got A WHOLE BUNCH OF BAD BATCHES, or if I’ve just been unlucky. If it is my Lite-on’s, seem rather against the odds that I’d only have problems with the Verbatim’s.

The Verbatims I’ve used that are made by MBIL, CMC and Prodisc have all been very good to excellent, with very little between them.

The 16x Verbatims (- and +R) made by Taiyo Yuden have been a bit less stellar, as were the MIC CMC ones, but still no coasters.

Burned primarily on a Samsung SH-S182D (SB06) and LG E10N (JE07), but the odd one I’ve burned on my LiteOn LH-20A1H (then LL0C) have turned out OK as well.

I usually burn my discs at 8x, but have burned the odd one at 16x/18x/20x.

I’d say maybe just plain bad luck…

Can we clarify -

What is a coaster? Bad scan? Or burn that failed during writing process?

What speed are you writing at?

Are your Verbatims made by MCC or are they made by TY etc?

Failed burn cd pirate , they call it a coaster ie all its good for is a coffee cup mat etc :wink: their known as

[quote=marcus_667;2050917]Failed burn cd pirate , they call it a coaster ie all its good for is a coffee cup mat etc :wink: their known as[/quote] Perhaps it’s better to let the original poster, [B]Mike89[/B], answer that question; there’s more than one way to define a “coaster”, as [B]cd pirate[/B] points out in his question. :wink:

Out of 450 verbs, I’ve only had 1 coaster and that’s recently with the new neo verbs.

lmao ok dragemester :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2050800]Your experience runs counter to most I’ve heard.[/QUOTE]I’ll second that. Big time. And will add “to most I’ve personally experienced”.

If by “coasters” Mike means a disc that burned, but didn’t scan well, I’m not entirely surprised.

I myself bought a 10 pack of MCC 004 (Lightscribe) Verbatim DVD+Rs and 9/10 of them burned, and verified, wonderfully, scanned a few with Disc Quality scanning (which I rarely rely on but it works well with MCCs) and they showed VERY low PIF counts.

However one of the discs burned very badly, with a PIFs surging towards the end of the burn, and TRT rate that fell to the region of 2-4x, fluctuating wildly.

Based on those results, I tossed the disc, even though it was readable. It was clearly very weak.

That said, between the excellent DQ scan results from the other 9, plus the nice looking Lightscribe labels (don’t have a disc printer and had very bad experiences with paper labels), convinced me to buy more MCC/AZO Verbatim discs in the future.

I will just feel the need to examine each burn thoroughly.

I mean coaster when it does not burn, getting an IO error somewhere during the burn. I’ve also had some come out with blank spots in the disk (only the Verbatim’s I had) that did burn without error messages. I guess those could be called coasters too since they would be tossed.