Verbatim (Taiyo Yuden) DVD+R quality

Please comment on this one. Is this as bad as it looks?
Burned @12x Optiarc AD-7200A 1.09.
I know I did the scan on other AD-7200A but I did it in 5x…

Next disk from the same spindle. Looks a bit better overall…
Burned at 8x.

Sold as “Verbatim DVD+R 16x”.


I would´t say the 12x burn is bad, it´s a typical Verbatim/T03 scan.
The 8x burn is very good for that MID.:clap:
The Optiarc 7200 is a very good burner for YUDEN000 T03.
It seems, you have got one of the better spindles.:wink:

Ok, great then. Just got scared as I have used Verbatim MCC 004 media before and they got a bit better results than these TY03.

I prefer Verbatim MCC004, too.
But sometimes, when you buy Verbatim blank media from a webshop, you get YUDEN000 T03 Made in Japan, if you want it or not.
I would have been happy, if mine were as good as yours, but quality can change from disc to disc. Anyway, they are a lot better than Verbatim made in China.:iagree: