Verbatim Taiyo Yuden 16x -R



Just noticed some Verbatim Taiyo Yudens at, i have used the 8x dvd -R and they were brill. i was just wondering if anyone has used these 16x before. They are also very well priced at £7.45 per 25 tub. Any info will great. :iagree:


The 16x -R media is ok, I prefer the +R discs. If you require -R media, it’s a safe choice.


I think the 8x TY are better supported in fw/writers. Anyway i’m not pleased with the 16x TY - MCC wins here. Go for (Taiwan) MCC004 if you want nice quality 16x discs :slight_smile:


I’ll second that. Besides, MCC004 Verbatims are MUCH cheaper, at SVP, than the TYG03 (both Verbatim-branded and unbranded) :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: - these days, at SVP these MCC004 Verbs are even cheaper than the questionable Datawrite, Datasafe, Ridisc, or Memorex branded 16X disc!! :eek: I just ordered several spindles.

What burner doyou have [B]Craig37[/B]?


Ive got a Pioneer 111D that i got from digital promo aswell, ive tried svp but the packaging wasn’t up to scratch however i was more than pleased with the service i got with the 111D.


Given proper firmware support, TY G03 is virtually identical to G02 when burned at 12x. G03 also burns at 16x very well in many writers. It is, however, less tolerant of burning at lower speeds. 4x burning will produce inferior results, and 8x will be no better than 12x.

That said, if G02 can be had at lower prices, by all means go with that.


I’d say this is something that varies between batches of TYG03!

With all the drives available to me (see sig), none of these drives can burn my batch of Verbatim branded TYG03 (GH000126) with quality anywhere near TYG02.

The same goes for T03 vs. T02 - it varies with the batch.


I prefer to TY,it works well with my Liteon burner :bow: …but it’s really not cheap!
This for your reference.
Taiyo Yuden 16X DVD-R Silver Thermal Lacquer 100 Pack $29.99.


great are you saying $29.99 (~£16.60) for 100 discs is not cheap? Considering we can pay £29.99 (~$53.98 US) plus we don’t get rebates here for the same product I would say that what you’re paying is cheap.

I’m liking my test TYs no compatability issues so far so it looks like time to change to TYs for video and use up whats left of my 50 verb stock for data back ups.