Verbatim SuperAzo media only 4x!

As once reported on some other forum which I don’t remember now, I had problem with my CRW-F1.
It wrote PSX backups which were supposed to be written at 1x speed in reality at 4x, rendering them sometimes useless for my old PSX, while they played perfectly in a PSone or PS2.

I found out, that the drive ignores speeds lower than 4x when using Verbatim SuperAzo media.

I didn’t test with other drives. Is this true for all brands?
I like Verbatim media, so I would resort to burning the backups on my old Sony CRX-120x (1-4x CD-R).

If those Verbatim discs cannot be written at 1x, I will not buy them anymore. A fast copy of a PSX game results in videos skips, slower loading and in extreme cases lockup.

I think it depends on the quality of your psx’s laser, because i burn mine at 48x without any problems.

it depends more on the quality of your writer than anything else. you can burn the crappiest media and it will work perfect if your writer is very compatible with it. however if i were you i would get some verbatim vinyls (metal Azo) and burn at 1x or 4x with the yamaha.:wink:

My writer should be good quality, because its a Yamaha.
And the media (Verbatim) is usually also known for its good quality (made by Mitsubishi).

Unfortunately, I cannot find the really darkblue media anywhere (It seems that it is not produced anymore in favor of SuperAzo)

I think it must be some kind of speed-info in the ATIP that tells the drive to write 4x. Perhaps the laser would otherwise heat the dye to much…

The 15 pieces I got left I will use for PC backups :frowning: at 4x speed.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the really darkblue media anywhere

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