Verbatim Super Azo

I am using a Plextor 48/24/48 USB and sometimes a Marantz Professional CDR-Recorder (allows burning computer CDRs, but 1x-speed).
While the results of using TDK/Ritek 48x CDs, or Maxel or Fuji (both dyes, azocyanine and phtalozyanine work fine) for Marantz are fine, the results are bad, if I use Verbatim: They dont run errorfree on all CD-Playeres I testet, Plextools found no errors up to 20x testing (testing with higher speed shows errors).

When I am burning the Verbatim with plextor, the CDR runs even on the players, which had problems with Verbatim burnt with Marantz.

This is not really a problem, as I need not use Verbatim for Marantz.
But I am asking if someone knows the reason? Is the laser power for Super Azo quite different to cyanine (4-8 mW for 1x) or phtalo (5-6 mW)?

Most likely what you are seeing is a media preference in both the players and the Marantz. The high-speed media will not perform best when burned at 1x, you need audio CDR’s for that. Try some Fuji audio or some others. Although audio CD’s are supposed to be certified for 1x burning, not all are created equal. It’s also possible that the Marantz is just not that good of a burner.

Thanx for reply. I know that some high-speed media make problems with burning 1x. But there are also some high-speed media, which show very good results in 1x burning (as eg Philips und TDK made by ritek; both cyanine or phtalo; or Fuji 40x, or maxell 40x).
What I wanted to know is, if super-azo has totally other power parameters than Phtalo or cyanine - just for interest.