Verbatim super azo scan results

Brand verbatim CD-R 1x24 crystal-super azo

Manufacturer : Mitsubishi
Code : 97m34s23f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 3: Long Strategy (Cyanine, AZO)
Recording Speed : n/a
Capacity : 79:59.74
703 MB
Additional Capacity : n/a
Overburn Capacity : not tested

Recorder: LITE-ON - LTR-40125S ZSON

I have burned mpeg,mp3 files to verbatim super azos,and jpeg,bmp…etc it burned well those afew super azos but one has little error showed when I tyried to quality scan, but when I scanned same cd-r second time quality test it didn,t show any errors but when I scanned those cdr it showed that some errors just before I have tested others cdr as well and the lite on get maybe little hotter and later when I tested afew min min later no errors dedected does any one know why or does any one think is that the reason…plus when I tested same cdr scanned surface no errors dedected!! (this tested cdr fýlled with only mp3)…I made a quality check same cdr afew times it shows sometimes errors sometimes not!!!I really confusing!!

The picture which is position 79:16.60 I burned mpeg no errors but this one second time when I first did a Quality check same cdr it showed little errors!!in surface scan no errors dedected…
I have tested afew verbatim super azo which I have burned, some times same thing happens some times no errors
verbatim super azo I am not saying they are exelent 1 one in the world but I gues they burned pretty well but sometimes those thing happens and confusing!!!
any commends?
any suggestions?
I have burned lite on ltr cdr 80 and some maaxell 80xl they are prett worse alot of errors which you can not countable…

Nice test :slight_smile:

[b]What writing speed did you use with your LiteOn?

And in which country are these Verbatims manufactured?[/b]
Some of my CrystalSuperAZO are “Made in Ireland” (24x),
the others are “Made in India” (40x)

I burned them 24x speed

and I guess they made in india I looked back side of case

Maybe the DataLifePLUS “Made in India” (at the Moser Baer production site :confused: ?)

are not as consistent in quality as Verbatim DataLifePLUS media manufactured at other Mitsubishi Chemicals production sites :confused: