Verbatim Super Azo CD-R MII vs. Verbatim Pastel Disc CD-R MIJ

I have to do some backups now and I have MII Verbatim Super Azo CD-R and MIJ (TY) Verbatim Pastel Disc CD-R. Which one would you rate higher and which one would live longer?

The Pastels are the better ones without a doubt.

Tough question. Really tough question.

Assuming the azo’s are crystal coated meaning less sensitive to scratches.

MCC AZO and TY’s cyanine both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Tough choice. Which I personally don’t make.
There both good.

Yes, they are crystal coated.
I recently saw Made in Taiwan (CMC) Super Azo CD-Rs. Are they better than MBI made ones? Would the CMC-made Super Azo CD-R be superior to TY-made Cyanine CD-R?

(The MIT Super Azo is more expensive than the Pastel Discs though, so I might stick with the Pastels for vanilla burning…)

Taiyo Yuden CD media would always be my first choice. Definitely the Pastel discs.

With the current price for pastels there’s no reason not to grab some boxes (a lot) no matter what :smiley:

Not a clear cut, depends on your use of the discs. Both are great media. The TY (pastels) will probably be slighlty more consistent (not even sure about that) and give slighly better burns in terms of C1 levels, but the Azo will probably be more resistant in case of rough handling/use, in the car, etc…

But as already said, both are excellent.