Verbatim Super AZO CD-R: Made in China and elsewhere

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Unfortunately it seems that Verbatim no longer sell Super AZO CD-Rs Made in China, but Super AZO CDS-Rs Made in India instead (same ATIP) which are not as good in my experience - I’d only rate them as average compared to my other CD-R media. I don’t buy junk CD-R media however, so they are “average” between the good CD-R media. I think kg_evilboy has some serious doubts about longevity of these MII Verbatims, however.

The Verbatim Super AZO CD-R MIC were really great - at least as good as Taiyo Yuden CD-R in my experience. I still have 100+ left. :slight_smile:

Does Verbatim have a plant in China, or were the CD-Rs made by someone else?

AFAIK they were made for Verbatim by CMC on a plant in China, but using Mitsubishi technology.

So, the CMC-made Verbatim CD-Rs that are MIT are not made using Verbatim technology? Why did they only make Super-AZOs in the China plant, or now in India? Never mind, I guess since CMC moved their CD-R plants to China that was just the default result. It would have been in Taiwan, if they were still located there.

I haven’t had any Verbatim Super AZO Made in Taiwan, but they would also have been made using Mitsubishi technology.

The decision to move production from Taiwan to China was probably to reduce cost, and to use Taiwan plant for DVD production.

Moving from China to India was also a switch from CMC to Moser Baer as the manufacturer.

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I have both Verbatim Super AZO MIT and MIM (Made in Mexico) both are VERY good.

The MIC Verbatims available here are CMC according to the ATIP info.
They are reasonably good, but not as good as MIJ Verbatim (TY) CD-R
which is the same price.

At NewEgg it says Verbatim “Advanced Azo recording dye optimizes read/write performance.”

So thats a bunch of bunk? And how can you tell where the disks are made when you are shopping online for them?

You can’t tell shopping online. As far as NewEgg’s description being “a bunch of junk,” link the item you are talking about.

You have to ask the seller. Verbatim are one of the few media suppliers
who do actually state the county of origin on the packaging.

IIRC, the suppliers are legally required to state the COO on the packaging in the US but they aren’t in Europe…

Verbatim has not been using “Advanced Azo recording dye” in any of its CD-Rs sold in the USA since the days of 24x and 32x rated CD-Rs. Instead, Verbatim is now simply slapping its label on CD-Rs made by other companies using those companies’ technology (for example, many of Verbatim’s CD-Rs made in Taiwan and China now sold in the USA are made by CMC Magnetics using CMC’s phthalocyanine dye technology).

I was just referring to NewEgg had some Verbatims that said they were Advanced Azo and "Advanced Azo recording dye optimizes read/write performance."
So I was saying if what the OP says is so, then that claim is “bunk.” I said “bunk”, not “junk.” :iagree:

I don’t see any CD-Rs sold on NewEgg that mention Advanced AZO, just DVD media, which indeed uses Mitsubishi’s AZO dye. Verbatim still does sell CD-Rs with its AZO dye, just not at retail stores anymore. Check Verbatim’s site, all of the CD-Rs that say “DataLifePlus” are MCC CD-Rs with AZO dye:

I have a 100-disc spindle and a 30-disc spindle of Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-Rs, 48x and 52x respectively, retail packaging, that contradict your statement about Verbatim not using Advanced AZO dye on any of its CD-Rs sold in the US since the 32x days.

The moniker for CD-R wars “Super AZO” anyway, even in North America.
(However, older (< 16x) discs were sold as “Metal AZO”, and the trade mark “Sonic AZO” was used as well, but only in Asia.)

True that. It seems to me that RJL65 was saying there haven’t been any Verbatim CD-Rs using any variation of the AZO dye since the 32x days, which obviously isn’t the case.

Hi Two Degrees,
Your right. It was DVD media where I saw that. My bad. Apologies.

I meant that I have not seen them in retail stores. Ordering direct from the manufacturer or a large online reseller is a different matter.

I bought the 100 disc spindle off ebay, but it was once available retail. The 30-disc spindle I got from a local bookstore a few weeks back. I saw a 50-disc retail spindle of 52x DataLifePlus discs as late as this year at Micro Center.