Verbatim stopped manufacturing of Bluray media see new MID codes



Hi everyone, I’m a seller of bluray media on ebay from Japan since 2006. Verbatim or Mitsubishi kagaku media has been the most unstable company to deal with until now, they are a little messy.

In February of Last year (2012) they announced that they will cease manufacture then in April of the same year they denied it. Now finally they gave up and stopped manufacture since April 2013. All verbatim 50Gb discs BD-R DL are being manufactured by Panasonic in Japan now.

The new MID code is: MEI-T02-001

However we got a mail from one of our buyers reporting 8x burning speed and a different MID code: MEI-T02-7D

The Verbatim discs we are selling are being repacked from the new 50 discs spindle pack so buyers purchasing 3, 5 or 10 discs can expect the same discs and be able to burn them at 8x however we cannot guarantee it.
I hope this info can be useful.


For clarity MEI is? Panasonic (matushita?)


[QUOTE=tmc8080;2690292]For clarity MEI is? Panasonic (matushita?)[/QUOTE]

Yes, Matsushita Electric was the old name of Panasonic (from Konosuke Matsushita, the founder)


Hello j-stop. Sorry if I’m reposting the same reply, I’ve posted in another thread, but I need your advice, if possible.

I’ve bought a 30 disc spindle of Panasonic disks.
The MID code is: MEI-T02-7D…

Can you tell if they are good? I know that they were manufactured by the original Panasonic source, but, the 7D, in the last digits, were also in the Verbatim disks that were manufactured by Panasonic, some years ago…
Since I’m using thist disks for archival purpose, I want to know if they are reliable.

Thank you, in advance, and sorry, about my poor english.
best regards, friend j-stop