Verbatim still a good brand for bluray blanks?


my friend told me that panasonic are better than verbatim now regarding bluray blanks. he told me that a few years ago. he said something about the mid code was the reason. im looking for a decent priced pack of 25gb blanks right now. but i noticed that prices seem to have increased since last time i bought bd blanks. i saw that on ebay. should i go with verbatim now? ive used verbatim for years with dvd blanks and had no problems.

In my personal experience, yes. Both kinds of available Verbatim BD-R media are good, the CMCMAGBA5 and VERBATIMe (single layer) and VERBATIMf (dual layer) discs are good, but it depends on the writer.
And the CMC discs have a larger quality range, so you can have really amazing discs, very good discs, and just good ones, with very rare average and bad ones.
The last Verbatim #43838 50 packs I had were all good and above in quality with just one disc I’d consider a bad burn, and a bunch of failures in one pack, but I’m not sure whether they were actually bad discs or there was a problem with the power supply.
Regarding Panasonic it’s sad that they don’t produce BD-Rs anymore. Their discs were the best available IMO. But nowadays Verbatim discs either CMC or Verbatim IDs are the best, especially for the price they are available for.

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Thanks for the info. Can u tell me how I can tell if it’s cmc when ordering them from eBay? Or Amazon?

By looking at the label, if it doesn’t have MABL on it (which are VERBATIMe) it’s CMCMAGBA5, and the Verbatim #43838 (50 pack), 43837 (25 pack), 43812 (50 pack, printable), 43811 (25 pack, printable).
Be sure to stay away from LTH media! :wink:

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ok thank you for the help! if this topic gets locked and if i end up having another question is it cool if i can pm you?

I wouldn’t know any reason why the topic should get locked, but sure you can pm me if you want.