Verbatim starts shipping 2-4x DVD-R dual layer media



I just posted the article Verbatim starts shipping 2-4x DVD-R dual layer media.

Verbatim Corporation announced
today that it is now shipping 2-4x DVD-R Dual Layer (DL) media for consumers. A
pioneer in developing advanced DVD and Dual Layer technology, Verbatim has been…

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well estimated street price of $24.99 for a 3-pack kiss my **s im not that close to the bank manager :c


Why is double layer media still so expensive? I bought my DL burner about 1 year ago, but the media is still ~$8 a piece. Incredible…


Thought that was obvious? Verbatim are the only ones with decent DL disc’s so they can charge what they like the only competition is Ritek which basically sucks even at $5 a disc . . .


it’s especially amusing since prices for regular media - and drives - in particular, have nosedived since the first DL drives were introduced. DL is merely a checkbox feature serving a small niche and will be for some time, by the looks of it.


If they keep pricing the way it is, they’ll kill their own technology. Smart.


So true - let them lose money (cost of production and low sales) with this sense of marketability. New technology eithers sells for a premium because it’s a must have, or at a loss for a while to impregnate the market - with lower price’s to follow. Who really needs this? Those wanting to, ahem, ‘back-up’ their collection of movies? It would be cheaper to wait a few months and but another copy or box set. For those d/l’g and burning uncompressed movies - what is the point at this price? Better to save lots of money and compress a little, or just buy the damn thing.