Verbatim shortage in Europe, is verbatim doing this?



There is a general shortage on Verbatim 8x DVD+/-R and also some 16x +/-R types in Europe.

I’m part owner of a small norwegian store - - and we have had large problems getting many of these media types the last month as no distributors here could get any from Verbatim.

Verbatim promised us a solution on the shortage, but nothing have changed so far and more and more disc types are running out of stock from the distributors.

But is verbatim doing this to raise the general media prices? Rumors says yes.

What do you think?


afaik this is being caused by CMC not being able to produce enough discs at the moment, caused by demand outstripping supply. They are transfering some CD factories over to DVD production but this isn’t going to help a great deal.

I would imagine there is going to be shortage of discs from Verbatim for most of the Summer.



Maybe e-net is taking all the production capacity of CMC :stuck_out_tongue:

According to e-net the latest batch of tuffdisc 8x -R is all reprinted verbatim media (yes - the label under the tuffdisc label is verbatim as the new tuffdisc label is very thin unlike the old one so you could see through the label and see what label the disc originally had).

But Verbatim have other manufacturers as well, for example Moser Baer India and prodisc. Much of the Verbatim media here have been Moser Baer and some have been prodisc made the last months.


noticed -R Verbatim 8x 50pk jumped from £19.99 to £27.99 in my local Pc world however +R Verbatim 8x 50pk was still £19.99, good for me i wanted +R today :slight_smile: upon asking the bloke at the checkout he just said they change the prices of stuff almost every day.


I assume Verbatim under-estimated demand when they decreased the price of 16x media so dramatically a few weeks ago.


Don’t think it is just being caused by e-net as I doubt verbatim would allow their discs to be overprinted unless their wasn’t a demand for the discs, was a flaw in the surface print, or they weren’t quite up to verbatim standards.

I tried out some moser baer 16x discs and was very impressed with them, even with MBI’s own codes on the discs. Haven’t tried out the prodisc ones though.

I tend to think it is just a worldwide supply and demand problem, and there is no way to fix the problem quickly. CMC is the biggest manufacturer at the moment and it is almost impossible to get discs from them quickly, and there isn’t the normal smaller factories to pick up the slack because they are still producing 8x having not worked out the 16x technology.

I would say whoever has stock of 16x discs is going to be dancing a little jig of joy :slight_smile:


Still ok stock with most 16x media here - it’s 8x that is a problem.


None of the big companies wanted to make 8x because of the lack of margin so all production has been shifted to 16x. Since the smaller manufacturers don’t have the research to get 16x done quickly they are the only ones producing 8x, but they are a tiny percentage of the market. Good quality 8x will be none existent in a few months.


Not any shortage of Verbatim media here.
Verbatim prices which were always overpriced ,last month dropped 30% .So Verbatim media made more favorite to customers here-Most of Verbatim DVD media sold this moment are 8x ,Made in Taiwan , but price generally,are now almost equal ,than second class media labels,like “e-net’s” brands (also in 16x media)

Anyway I don’t think brands stop the 8x media availability soon ,since cheap media always be necessary for amatures in burners world -Also firmwares in most of (current) drives,not full support quality burn of 16x media ,so there is a long way,customer to love these media (since many 8x media can be burn @12x-16X) even price dropped !


yeh the shop where i got them are’nt selling them know early on in the week i tryed to buy 2 tubs & the guy took along time to find any they had plenty of 16 speeds may be the problem is they are’nt making enough top grade media cos their seem’s to a hell of alot more lower grade MCC 02RG20 about


I am no expert in this kind of mechanics but it’s seems Datawrite MCC 02RG20 performs well and for the ½ of Verbatim price i’ve bought a nice amount and i think many others do so (…I know OC has issues with them ;))
I believe in you guys praising TY(G02) so i bought quite a few Verbatims (colored) as well for backups and they may last longer but the MCC 02RG20 (DW) performs better in my drives. Could be Verbatim try other products and leave (at least) 8x-R to others? :slight_smile:

(Ie SVP has been “avaiting stock” quite a few days for the DW printables now (MCC 02RG20))


Production of 8x media is being discontinued.
The CMC plants are all switching to 16x media, and I suspect the 8x remaining is warehouse stock only.


You know this from what source?

And don’t say its progress how many 16x media have been tested as flawless as yet?

Most cannot perfect 8x nevermind move onto 16x :eek:


Oh well, hopefully this 16x media will be even better for burning at 8x then the 8x media :slight_smile:


I hope not.

8x is still far more popular than 16x around here.


I have the feeling that Verbatim is try to push customers to go 16x instead of stay on 8x dvd.
Verbatim marketing strategy is also based on stat of the art product, they are always the first to sell high range media on the market (first on 16x, first on dvd+r dl, first on dvd-r dl).


was thinking that which make’s me more resistant to trying 16x if they only give a chioce of 16x or nothing then i will look for an allternitive