Verbatim -R8X from Newegg 100 for $24

Sorry about the rebate but the shipping is free. Looks like the prices are dropping early since they have discontinued 8X media. Should be MCC 02RG20, a decent media. I would move fast; Newegg changes prices rather often.

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BTW folks - here’s the link:

Like by bud says - if you are going to do it - jump right on it - 'cause they change their prices quick!!


bigmike7, thanks for the link; I copied it but I neglected to paste it. Troublesome decaying grey matter.

I emailed them, requesting the full mid. If I don’t have an answer by early morning, I’ll call them and see if someone already knows/can confirm.

Thanks! At .24, and usually NewEgg has great stuff, that should be a quality item at a steal! :slight_smile:

While it is possible, I have never heard of a Verbatim 8X -R that was not MCC 02RG20. The big question is whether it was made by Prodisc or CMC. While some is made in India as well, it never seems to show up in the US. Given that they are now discontinued it would be unusual if a new media code showed up.

But as I said, anything is possible. I hope the price doesn’t go up on you.

Those are 8X media so it has to be MCC 02RG20, why bother to email them

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Ouch, I got these and they are horrible, avoid them like the plague. I’ve tested 5 disks now and each burn is so different from the last its like a whole different media code every time. Also, there is a bunch of damage on the surface around the outside of the some of the ones I got.

no it’s mcc02rg20 so they’re good