Verbatim +R only MCC made? CDR DataLife Plus?

I guess Verbatim +R media should have excellent compatibility when burned with DVD-ROM booktype. But I wonder if all there +R disks are made by MCC? 1.10£ seems like a pretty nice price for “Verbatim DVD+R 4.7Gb - 2.4x Speed - Ink Jet Printable - Spindle Tub” though its only 2.4x quality/price is very important.

All Verbatim DataLifePlus CDR is MCC or TY made right? Found a nice price on Verbatim DataLifePlus 80min/700mb 48x Spindle Tub.


Verbatim DVD+R
The Verbatim DVD+R media can be made by MMC, but also
by Ritek/Ricoh and Taiyo Yuden.

There have been reports about CMC made DVD+R media in spindles :confused:

Verbatim DataLifePLUS CD-R
These discs always have the MMC ATIP-Info and the SuperAZO dye.
But they are manufactured at many production sites all over the world,
at the moment I see a lot of DLP “Made in India”, most likely
by MBI (Moser Baer India).

Andy :smiley:

Thank you very much for the info, maybe I should go for the Traxdata DVD+R 4x instead I guess they are made by Ricoh/Ritek?

Got Arita DVD+R Ricoh/Ritek produced discs and they are excellent. I heard that Ritek put the expensive AZO thing in there disks so that should make them good even in the long run? I wonder if Ritek/Ricoh uses same formula there as for the Verbatims…or do they use another formula for Verbatims?

if the DVD+R spindles is datalifeplus, then they should be MCC.

if they are just datalife then they are probably CMC, or maybe ricoh.

Datalifeplus CD-R should be MCC.

Yes, ritek/ricoh is pretty good so Traxdata is a wise choice.

Notice that AZO is a Verbatim/mitsubishi dye type. Since AZO CD-R’s was purple/blue in the beginning many people thinks that everything that is Purple/blue is AZO…

Since all DVDR discs is purple/blue then many calls them AZO.

Nope ricoh/ritek is not using verbatim/mitsubishi AZO and the dye formulation is not the same.

But in my opinion Ritek/ricoh is better than MCC…depends on writer though.

I got a NEC 1300 and it seems to produce excellent results with Arita Ritek/Ricoh. Great graphs with kprobe.

Even -R are made by Mitsubishi ( in Singapore )

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:MCC 01RG20 ]

Disc Type : [DVD-R]
Manufacturer ID : [MCC 01RG20 ]
Disc Application Code : [Unrestricted Use : Consumer Purpose]
Recording Speeds : [1x - 2x - 4x]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2.298.496 Sectors - 4.489MB - 4,38GB]

[DVD Identifier -]

Looking at some Verbatim DVD today, I saw DataLifePlus that was made in Taiwan, both DVD-R 2x and DVD+R 4x.
Didn’t buy any, I have enough CMC and Ricoh to last a while. :frowning:

The plain Datalife dvd +R 4x disks I got online (not DatalifePlus) were MMC, made in Singapore.

They work very well in my NEC 1300a. The ricoh’s I got didn’t work worth diddly squat.

Yes, I spoke with another user that also had problems vith ricoh and the ND-1300A. Probably The NEC is not fine tuned for ricoh discs and is sometimes using an incorrect write strategy.

Strange because my Arita Ricoh/Ritek 4x seems to work great, probaly burnt about 50 disks on my NEC 1300. Even a VERY fussy Philips drive has no problems reading them, same drive says no to Verbatim MCC 2x and Ritek G04 disks. Now if I only could find a patch that makes my NEC 1300 burn them as booktype DVD-ROM and still have the dual burn function intact.