Verbatim +R MII

i’ve just got 100 of these, mid MCC 004 (16X Advanced Azo+)

how do these compair to my TYG03’s as i’ve read that some folk are not too keen on the TY’s

I’ve got some of the MII MCC004s. It really depends on your burner.

What burner do you have, BJ?


i’ve a pio 108 (1.20 fw) and a 1650 (BCIC)

Rats, I’d burn one in my 1650 for you if it was plugged in :sad:

did you not have 2 of them, i remember you getting one of them at least

edit, i looked in your sig :o

There have been some issues with the MIIs but ones I’ve had have been OK. It did seem when I had mine that the UK ones were OK but those on mainland Europe were iffy.

Unfortunately (for you) the only MCC004’s I’ve currently got are Verbs MIT & Infinity MIT, both of which burn very well in my 1650.

For future reference the TY T03’s (Plextor) also do very well in the 1650 .

my TYG03’s are panasonic, but for £20 you can’t grumble

They could give you the best scans you’ve ever seen but it will depend on the batch, I suppose. I’ve been very happy with them, especially on Plextor and I remember seeing some incredible scans by “Eddie Spaghetti” on his BenQ a couple months back.

Hehe yep, and both are shelved for the moment. Although one might be back in use soon, as I want to take my Sammy LightScribe drive out of my mum’s PC.

My 1640’s in use though, albeit at 8x in a USB2 enclosure :wink:

The Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) Made in India can be the best media you’ve ever had or it can be unacceptably bad. Most of the time it’s very good, but going from my own experience and what others have posted here, the quality of this media is getting more variable lately.

The best media I’ve ever had has been this media, but I’ve also had a batch of 300 discs with lots of problems especially at the edge beyond 4 GB. I have thrown out a considerable percentage of those discs after burning and scanning them.

That being said, I still buy this media and trust it most of the time, and similar problems exist with other media including Taiyo Yuden media.

here’s my scan, MCC 004 x16, burnt on the 1650 @ 8x, no solid burn or anything on, it’s not too good :bigsmile:

Something is wrong here, Bj. Not even a bad batch should scan like this, I would think. Where are the BenQ specialists?

Hmmm, now I see why some members have a strong dislike of MII Verbatim :eek: , tho most of the ones I have used so far have been acceptable.

i would install Qsuite, but the last time i installed it it would say it recognised the 108 and say it wasn’t compatable with it.

also i thought there was a setting in cd speed ( to turn on/off SB, but i can’t see it

If you skip through the error messages, you should be able to select your BenQ drive from the drop down drive list box. Alternatively, ImgBurn allows you to select most of the options available in Qsuite.

The freshest batch possible of Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) Made in India - I got them today from SVP.

Burned in a BenQ DW1655 BCIB with SolidBurn+WOPC enabled.
Chosen burn speed 16x but actual burn speed 12x.

@ darge,

what version of cd speed do you have, as it looks totally different from mine ?

away to burn same film but ay x16 with SB on

I’m using CDSpeed but I’m snapshotting only the interior of the window, and I have added some text to the images (the green text).

I get better results with SolidBurn enabled for Made in India MCC 004 in my BenQ 1655 drives than I do for SolidBurn disabled.

lol, you lost me there :bigsmile:

here’s one burnt at x16 with SB on :eek:

worse :rolleyes:

You guys got me curious now :p…I’ll have to see what my SH-S182D thinks of them tomorrow.