Verbatim +R Double layer 14.99 shipped

try this link

if you go to store directl will be $15.99

Great. Just bought 4 boxes. Thanks for the heads up.

thanks man!!! I was in the market for some Verb DL media, I just bought 2 boxes!!!

they also sell the 3 pack memorex 2.4 dvd+r DL media for 11.99 including shipping!!!
not too bad, but the quality is crap compared to the glorious Verbs!!

darn got there too late for the deal…

it still there
try again
the 14.99 link is still active

That’s still $5 a disk, and I can get very high quality SL discs for $0.40 each. Doesn’t add up for me. IF they ever drop below $1 each, I’ll buy some, but in my personal opinion, that isn’t going to happen. DVDs (both SL and DL) will be obsoleted by blu-ray and HD before the price drops that far.

I received my order today, now that was fast…excellent service. Blu Ray and Hd-dvd can go to hell, I hope both formats die a miserable death!!!

you’re right $5 a disk is expensive but it’s better than $10 a disk!!! :smiley:

only on verb DL’s one can burn decently, other DL’s are not even worth trying!!!

I agree wholeheartedly.

yes thay are 5 bucks a pop, thus are resereved for those longer disks that need x-tra attention :cool:

more than 40 cent SL but less than 15 buck ND :bigsmile:

I’m glad you agree!!! :slight_smile:

It should also be noted that you can still get better deals. I got in on the CompUSA $12 for the 3 pack on Verbs. $4 a disc certainly isn’t bad for videogame backups.

Comp Usa are notorious for using rebates!!! :slight_smile:

Maybe they’ll someday impose DRM or something on LAN and internet. And TV. And books.

It was an instant rebate. :iagree: $11.99 out the door for a 3-pack of Verbatim DLs.

Whoa… is there a sale at CompUSA or did they pricematch the site??

Not on that deal. It was $11.99+tax at the counter and even less if you could get places (ie Staples) to pricematch them. Damn, I really wish I had bought more than one pack of them. :a

I bought 9 packs of the disks. :iagree:

do they still have the deal?