Verbatim -R DL

Just had a look on svp and they now have the verb -R DL discs in stock £3.98. I know theres a thread but has anyone else given them a try yet ?? do they work on the ps2 ??or for movies and ps2 games is it better to use +R DL discs ??

I was thinking of getting a couple to give them a try on my 109XLC fw1.50. But i have’nt a clue on how to burn them for films and ps2. I have dvd decrypter and ones.

Although im not sure ether will work on my dvd player as it does’nt like single layer verbs.

I would personally go with the +R discs. Unless the LJR update has been released by Nero, the +R D/L discs are currently more compatible. Your burner will automatically set the booktype on D/L +R discs to DVD-ROM for maximum compatibility. As for PS2 games, what mod method are you currently using? If you have a good soldered modchip then it can be done. Simply pick up Toxic’s D/L patch and you should get it working. YOU MUST APPLY THE PATCH TO EACH GAME TO GET IT TO WORK FOR D/L!!! As for your DVD Player not playing Verbatim discs, I say it’s high time to ditch your DVD Player if it can’t read Verbs. Just out of curiosity though, which Verbs were you using (- or +)?

I dont actually use verbs, i use traxdata G04s at the mo. I have tested verbs both X4 and X8 -R.My player dont like them, ether wont play them or starts then stops.

Im not going to ditch my player as its a verygood player,multiregion,can turn of macro,plays vcd,svcds,dvdrs, ive test non compliant dvds(svcd-dvd) and its still going strong.It plays verb pastel ty discs and G04 fine.Its played G03, some mirror disc and has played the old datawrite gray tops. I use G04 Traxdata discs mainly.Plays any cdr i put in there. Only dvd-rs it has had any trouble with are verbs.