Verbatim +R bad batch?

I have been using the above dvd+R for past yr for movie burning.

Used 5 or 6 100 disk cake boxes bought thru NewEgg.
Been getting “cannot write end of disk” using Nero 7 for burning about half way thru this last batch of disks.

I can burn fine using Verbatim DL and I bought a 3 pk of Maxell to see if it was my Plextor burner or the media.
The Maxell’s burned fine…

Could I actually have gotten a bad batch of Verbatim 16x +R?
Getting Power calibration errors also with these disks
which I have bought and used all the time from reputable dealer…[

Are they TY? some plextors dont like ty verbatim.

The OP said he bought the discs from NewEgg, a US site, so they’re not TY but MCC (we don’t have any Verbatim-branded TY in North America). I’d suggest doing an FE-TE test on the discs with PlexTools to check the mechanical characteristics. Another option is to try a different burning app.