Verbatim -R 16X MCC 03RG20

What we have here is a case of good media with no effective write stratagy.

I was unable to find a drive with the exception of a Pioneer 109 with PIE less than 150 and PIF less than 12.

Any suggestions to adjust write stratagy in Benq 1620 or NEC 3500



Some people might argue the notion that MCC is all that great. But here it is burned in NEC 3520 at 16x:

Really?! :confused:

The scan below is of a Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 16x (MCC 03RG20) burned at 16x in a NEC ND-3500AG firmware 2.TC and scanned in a Plextor PX-712A.

The writing strategy seems pretty effective to me! :slight_smile:

A scan of The Invisible Man or… ? :confused:

I take that back - somehow I overlooked the link. :o

I got a pretty good burn with this media on my PX-716UF:

Granted, I can’t get those kind of results consistently, so I’ll chalk that up to variations between the individual discs. The write strategy itself has to be fine to produce such low PIE levels.

It looks like NEC is one of the few Drive makers that has included this media into their write stratagy.
At nec`s official firmware page they list their improved media. Verbatim 16X -r media is included No media code is given but it must be this media.

I installed their latest firmware 2.19. and recorded at 8X
tested in a Benq at 8X PIE Max 28
PIF Max 7

This is a huge improvement. I just wish Benq 1620 (end of life) would updatr their firmware to utilize this media.

Thanks for all your help


Not sure why you’re burning them at 8x; you might as well save money and buy the 8x Verbatim -R media, as 16x media generally carries a premium over 8x (though the prices are dropping). I assumed when you were talking about improving the write strategy, you meant at the discs’ rated speed. The drive manufacturers probably aren’t concerned with improving the quality for underspeeding.

The DVDs were from Sams club @ 41.00 us $/100 inkjet printable.

Thats why I bought them. I tried them first at 16X in a benq and got poor results so I slowed down the burn process to 8X. Some improvement was noted but not enough.

I`m now using my NEC 3500 with the latest factory firmware 2.19

Since I want to print on them and make them my master copy I thought slower was better. Please correct me if i`m wrong.


You must have overlooked LG GSA-4163B.

PIE max=8, PIF max=6 (SUM8 mode), PIF total=259

It sounds as if the discs may be slightly dodgy. Scans on the link show Infiniti discs but they use the same MID

AFAIK going slower on a burn doesn’t necessarely make the discs burn better. It really does depend on the type of disc, burner and strategy used (A lot of burners change the strategy from 16x to 12x & 8x).

Thanks for the link about infinity disks. It was very informative with its error explaination.

I found that the problem with my Benq 1620 is that the latest firmware is not adjusted for this media. Hopefully this will happen in the next firmware release.
I will just use my NEC 3500 for this media.

Thanks for all the help


Hmm, burns great with B7P9 here and here. Note WOPC disabled… :smiley:

MY Philips and LG also burn them very good at 16x…
Philips 1640P T3.42 @ 16x
LG 4163 A104 @ 16x (my fastest burn ever)

I had some strange errors with these discs and my ND 3500A (2.1B)… when burning with ImgBurn I noticed that the device buffer emptied several times. While this is normally an indication that the drive is adjusting its speed, it meant trouble for the MCC03RG20.

The discs didn’t verify after the burn (drive’s choice: 8x), and looking at the underside of the disc, it’s easy to spot with the naked eye: There’s a blank ring near the beginning. So part of the data wasn’t actually written to the DVD-R without a warning. Burning the exact same image to another MCC03RG20 resulted in the exact same blank ring at the same location.

Then I tried to burn with 16x and this was impossible. Around the same time when the device buffer emptied the first time during the 8x burn it also happened during the 16x burn. But then after that it would constantly jump from <10% to >96% and write speed was at ~1.1x. ImgBurn wasn’t even able to cancel the burn I had to reset the PC. :a The drive wouldn’t stop to spin even after killing ImgBurn.

I’ll bring the 25 spindle back to the store on Monday anway… But what I don’t get is that the errors are 100% identical on all discs.

This is how it looks like (8x - drive’s default). Has anyone experienced something like this before? The odd thing is that the burning process succeeded as if everything was ok. But a part of the image wasn’t written as if the laser was turned off (darker ring).

What do the scans look like??

I don’t have a Plextor drive, so I can’t do one of those fancy scans. But I assume that area of the darker ring wasn’t even touched by the laser at all, since it’s… darker (as dark as a blank disc).

EDIT: I just finished a 4x burn, and it the disc seems to be ok now. But I will still bring them back to the store and buy a spindle of SONYs instead.

Your NEC ND-3500A can do quality scans with Nero CD-DVD Speed!

No it can’t - unless Zottel has access to experimental firmware only available to NEC’s firmware enginers and a few testers such as Erik Deppe. The Disc Quality scanning firmware for the NEC ND-3500AG was never released to the public.

The dark ring doesn’t mean it wasn’t burned. It’s just that the laser power was different, usually because of a different burning speed. Can’t you read back the disc if it burned without errors (do a Transfer Rate Test in Nero CD-DVD Speed)?