Verbatim Quality Slipping?

I don’t remember where I read it, but someone on this site mentioned that their recently purchased Verbatim pack gave bad burns. I think it was made in India that gave such results. I also read that Verbatim has a new design on their 50 discs packs.

So my question is, how do I find good quality Verbatim disks, such as serial code, or made in blank. Or rather, are Verbatim disks quality degrading? My MCC_004 Verbatim disks I bought a year ago are about running out so I’m looking at the market again. But I guess things have changed. Perhaps MCC_004 are no longer high quality? I’m kinda behind on this stuff.

MCC004 is far from bad, regardless of the country of origin. Some of the newer batches don’t give the nice pretty PI/PO scans we have gotten used to, but they’re still solid media that produce easily readable burns.

Here and here I asked about the difference between MIT and MII Verbatim.

Note that Franck in his post here specifically lists [I]MIT[/I] Verbatim as stable discs. So MII still doesn’t get the thumbs up from him. Others have posted similar results i.e. MII is perhaps a bit more variable but considering stability isn’t known yet it may be prudent to go for MIT.

Tough job since just about all Verbatim is MII now in stores I have access to, and when a rare batch of MIT gets into the store, ordering one (note: internet stores) and actually getting one from that batch and not the MII standing beside it is a problem.


If you are tight wish cash, go with the MIT for safety. Made in India may be risky, I’ve heard some stories of bad discs but hey, you always hear a few bad stories, not everyone posts about it when they have a good experience, I’m sure MII has some good and bad batches just like any media.

MCC004 is still good media I think. It may be wise though to stock up on MCC02RG20 or MCC003 while you still can. 8x discs are very good and they will run out of stock eventually.

Well, as I’ve said many times before, the last several batches I’ve had of MBI MCC004 have all been great. Shrugs

I personally am not as bothered about ordering online now and the possibility of getting MII, but hey that’s just me. As mentioned MCC is still good media, and every manufacturer, be it CMC/Prodisc/MBI, have bad batches.

In fact I prefer the batches of MBI Verbies to the CMC batch I got, whether the other CMC packs I purchased are better, I don’t know.

BTW, welcome to the forum, wifi :flower:

My experience with MCC 004, MIT, has also been irregular. I have found, for the Pioneer 111 and the LG drives, that burning at 8X resulted in much better burns. I also found that using MCC 03RG20 when the MCC 004 was variable gave me a decent option. Again, only in the Pioneer 111 and the LG drives. I know burn all my Verbatim media at 8X reguardless of the nature of the batch. My 8X burns are always better and it eliminates having to keep track of “good and bad” Verbatim.

The last batch of MCC 004 from Officemax, MIT, was very high quality. Also, some users have reported that the new Verbatim labels have been very good quality.

It would appear that MCC 004 is back and if you are looking to stock up, this might be a good time.

I’d rather buy MCC003 if I’m going to have to burn at 8x…

Exactly the same here. I caught the 8x thing off Drage :slight_smile:

Interesting that you mention your LG and Pio drives. I have no experience of the Pio, but I can say the same about my current LG (E10N).

I also burn all discs (TY and Verbatim) at 8x. Results for the MII batch I have are a bit disappointing. PIEs OK, jitter OK (7.5 av, 8.2 max), PIFs not so OK, there’s some thick clusters on most discs.

Since they’re not proven for reliability I’m using them to copy some less important movies on SVCD to DVD and save some shelf space (of which I’m in dire need). If they go bad, no big deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

My last 50 MIT CMC, which scan absolutely superbly, I’ll save for more lofty purposes :bigsmile:

All in all however, the MII scan better than the MIJ Verbies I have. I have a 25 pc spindel of T03’s that scan very unprettily. After those (with rather bad Plextors preceeding them) I got my belly full of TY 16x for a while and got a few spindels of MIT CMC made Verbatim. Wish I could find more…

Burning with a Pio 111 btw. I have had Pioneers since the very first consumer DVD-R burner and apart from adding a Plextor and now a LiteOn mainly for scanning, I’ve always found Pioneer to burn really nicely on both TY and Verbatim, so I never found reason to change burner brands.


Thanks for the welcoming. Anyway, I went to my local Best Buy in Culver City, CA, and to my surprise, there were still loads of the old label Verbatims, all MIT. It was on sale, $11.99 for 50 discs.

Anyway, I ran a scan, and while the new discs is a lot better than my bottom of the spindle DVD from my old batch, it fails to compare to the first half of the spindle DVDs from my old batch. My old batch was bought around February 2006, but yeah, I don’t burn much, just mainly for backing up my files. Anyway, all scans were burned at 16X with an Emprex writer, firmware B02H. It’s not the greatest burner, but I was surprised at my results when I first scanned it back in 2006. Perhaps it likes MCC004.

I haven’t figured how to put pictures in my message without resorting to some host outside the site, so for now, they’re attachments.

Anyway, the one burned in Feb 20,2006 was one of my first burns, which, as I recall, had a score of 95, but it’s still holding up.

The one burned Aug 13, 2007 was the DVD at the bottom of the spindle. The one burned Aug 14, 2007 is from the 50-pack spindle I just bought a few hours ago.

One thing I noticed though is my old batch had a problem spot around the 3GB mark, while the newer one just has consistent errors for lack of better terminology.

wifi, I can’t tell what your drive is and its suitability for scanning, but in any case, you will get more consistent and meaningful results with a scan at 4X rather than Maximum.

The difference in time between 12X, the generally considered [I]best[/I] speed for 16X media and 8X is not worth the increase in errors and shortened media life. Also, I have found MCC 004 to be considerably better media. But I get your point. I, however, am still searching for my second “perfect” scan rather than my fastest burn possible.

I will try that. I’ve always been scanning at Maximum, but I do see the reason behind a slower speed. I’ve recently learned that my old batch was CMC, while the newer batch is Prodisc, because of the font and the length of the toplid. Anyway, my drive was a bargain drive I got from Fry’s. It’s called Emprex, which I remember reading was a BTC drive. I don’t know the exact nomenclature though, unless there’s a way to find out.

It’s out of caution. I want to recommend only blanks I’m pretty sure will be good like 99% of the time. I once had issues with MII MCC02RG20 (but quality was not the issue, compatibility with burners was!) but that’s about it. My own MII MCC004 have been reliable and just as stable as my MIT ones. But a couple of reports of poor burns despite good burning methods (if these reports are from experienced people whom I can trust) are enough to prevent me from recommending blanks. I came across such reports with MII MCC004…

This explaining that. :slight_smile:

But just as [B]Arachne[/B], I personally don’t pay attention to the country of origin when ordering Verbs. If I pick them in a store, though, and there is a choice between MII and MIT, I still tend to pick the MIT… out of habit :bigsmile:

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@ wifi - Dunno what that drive is but there’s a really good chance that it’s useless for scanning. Sure one scan shows more errors than another but you could have a wildly variable scanning drive there so the scans cannot be trusted very much in the first place.

You need a liteon DVD writer or a BenQ (which is now made by liteon) if you want some consistent scans that people on this forum can make some comparisons with.

I’d suggest finding out what kind of drive that really is (good chance it’s a relabled NEC, Samsung etc) and doing a Transfer Rate Test with it in nero cdspeed instead.

Hahaha, same here :o :bigsmile:

It should be a BTC 2016IM judging by the firmware, I know my BTC 1016IM isn’t that much worse a scanner than my Litey, at 4x at least.

With all this talk of MIT Verbatim’s quality, and how people favor the CMC-made media over Prodisc-made (and even refer to Prodisc MCC as being “poor” quality), I decided to do a little test. I burned two MCC004 discs with my PX-760SA, both MIT but from the two different manufacturers. I burned at 18x to really stress the discs, to show what they’re made of, and the scans are below. Now then, can anyone tell which one is by Prodisc and which is by CMC? A better question is, does it even matter?

Some people, not all :flower: