Verbatim Printable DVD-R trouble / Problems playing DVD after printing

Alright fellas…I’m using verbatim DVD-R Glossy printables. I burned a couple movies and tested them on my xbox 360 with complete success. I then proceeded to print labels on them with my epson photo R260 and they came out perfect. I let them dry for a couple hours, tried to play them, and NO SUCCESS; although they play on the computer. What am I doing wrong???

Has anyone had any problems playing their DVD after printing on them? Im using verbatim DVD-R printable glossy inkjets. They burn fine and play perfectly until i print them graphics on the DVD. PLEASE HELP.

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Do you print on the purple side? :wink: Well, otherwise these are finest discs imo…

I had a problem with a Taiyo Yuden watershield (glossy) printable. It scanned very poorly after printing a label on it, but this was caused by dust collected on the data side. Cleaning the surface did the trick. It may be a problem with static.