Verbatim Pearl white 16x

It seems that a 16x version was launched of this famous media.

However first pictures of the package and reports suggest that Verbatim Europe might have learned from the 8x ones.

The box says Advanced AZO and the -R version is supposed to use MCC03RG20 code. (IF we can trust some ebay dealers. )

50 pcs and 25 pcs +R/-R exists.
However it’s still a question if these are early lucky batches with MCC code and the rest has another MID or at this time there only exists MCC MID based versions (and if this will continue ). SPecially when we take into account the MBIL disc’s which showed up in the uk.

Part numbers
DVD+R Pearl White 4.7GB 16x 25 Pack Spindle Pearl White 43570 ***
DVD+R Pearl White 4.7GB 16x 50 Pack Spindle Pearl White 43571 ***
DVD-R Pearl White 4.7GB 16x 50 Pack Spindle Pearl White 43569 ***
DVD-R Pearl White 4.7GB 16x 25 Pack Spindle Pearl White 43568 ***

I coulda sworn awhile back someone mentioned some 16x Pearl Whites being Ritek :Z

I think I remember that too. I’m not bothering with any of it - no point really, is there? :slight_smile: (still like to see some scans though :p)

If the Pearl Whites are slightly cheaper, and CMC- or MBI-coded, I might use them for everyday use. But as we know the f… up shops here, they will not be cheaper, they’ll just sell them for the same price.

As it is obviously can be seen from the Verbatim 2006 production catalogue the item ‘DVD+R 16x Pearl White, cake 50, code 43571’ may be produced by TY. The proof one can derive from the very famous cakebox shape.

The very famous That’s cakebox is used by Verbatim for virtually all photos.
Maybe 5% of the Verbatim media actually are/were TY.


So are the DVD+R 16x with the Model No. 43571 good? All I know that they are Made in India.

I don’t know the ID as well. Anyone please? Am getting a good deal for them online and would like to know how they are before I order those.