Verbatim Pastel's (TY Inside !)

Hi ya

Some f you may know this already but for those who dont , SVP have listed these disc’s today on their website for .64p ea ex vat !!

This is the cheapest that they are available in U.K.

I , and i guess quite a few others can confirm they are indeed TY and the results from these disc’s are ALWAYS PERFECT…never had a coaster from Pastel Verbatims…

SVP are good to deal with , always give you what you order , always fast deliveries , the price is always right ( SVP if your reading this i want a discount now …o.k !)



Yes, i can confirm that those are TY even in Germany. Bought a 5Pack (The only version of it available in Germany) of the DVD-R version and DVDIdentifier identified it as TYG01. Only have to wait for my NEC 2500A to arrive within the next days as my LiteOn 811S isn´t able to burn a shit even with TY media…

Just received my 5 X 5-packs from Lynxdv for around 0.80p a disk !
Thanks zamrky1 for sharing the news.


Just looked at the SVP site and I cannot find them…

What section do they have them in?


can confirm that pastels are TY here in Lithuania aswell :slight_smile:

They are available in all Europe :wink:




I have been using these for over 6 months now, burned approx. 50 of them. Not a single coaster, and the kprobe scans are great.
They don’t come cheap here, 10 euro for a 5-pack (that’s in Germany, in Holland i can’t get them any cheaper than 13 euro for a 5-pack).

Fine if you like multi-colour TY’s - but if you want plain (laquer) or all-the-same print you have to go elsewhere. Price in the UK from some retailers are from £0.80 to £1.40 a disc! As a regular SVP purchaser I wish they would get in 50/100 tubs/spindles of TY +r or -r (I prefer +)

I´m not that surprised… These discs has been for sale in Sweden for more then 6 months…
Right now they are about 9-10 euros/5pack.

Go HERE for some eye-candy :stuck_out_tongue:

10€ for a 5pack are very expensive. Where do you get these? I buy my Pastels at The DVD-R cost 6,49€ and the DVD+R 7,99€. Still not cheap but better than 10€ :slight_smile:

10€ for a 5pack are very expensive. Where do you get these?

The 10 euro is Marktkauf in Meppen. I once went to Mediamarkt in Nordhorn, they had them for 9 euro. Dunno if that’s still the same, but it’s still cheaper that any online shop in Holland.