Verbatim pastel TY problems

hi all i got a pioneer 107d with firmware 1.16 and i burned about 7 of these verbatim pastel coloured dvd-r’s at the rated 4x speed and i got pretty dodgy scan results. this is TY media and is supposed to be good, i get much better results with ritek g04 or even cmc dvds averaging pi 20 and po 1.summink.

any ideas on whats going on?

i forgot to add, i still get a high error rate even at a 1x burn but the odd thing is the above disc does read back properly and i can transfer all the data to my hard drive fairly quicky too. odd thing is that all the files on the dvd are zip files and running a test on the files reveals that they are all intact and 100% fine. its odd that considerng the error rate in the graph :confused:

I think you can try to rescan them with 4X. :slight_smile:
And also if you can, get a burner instand of a DVD-ROM to scan.

how do i limit my drive to read at 4x? i was gonna try that cd bremse (sp) prog but it is in different language, german i think

oh just another test to add, a ridisc g04 4x rated burned at 2x on the same writer. look at this ones read graph? TY doesn’t even compare :eek:

You can change the read speed quite easily. Look at the right-middle side of the CD/DVD speed application. There is a field that says “Speed”. On your pics you have chosen “Maximum”. Use the dropdown list to change it to “4x”. You should get more reliable scan results now :wink:

odd the only speed option i get is maximum or 48x?