Verbatim Pastel DVD ID?

Does anyone know if Verbatim Pastel DVD-R/DVD+R 16X 5 pack slim are Taiyo Yuden or not? Or if there’s any difference between -R and +R? I know Pastel used to be TY, but I read somewhere that not all of them are any more.

If You can, see where they are made. If they are Made In Japan, they are TY. I find here (Serbia) 5 pack slim Made In Taiwan DVD+/-R, they are MCC, but they are called couloroed…

Hope this help!

As far as im aware all the verb pastel discs are TY , the pastel cd-rs are TY and 8 speed pastels (i just got 12 packs of them :slight_smile: ) are TY never seen ether as anything else, so at i guess i would say the x16 pastels will be, have’nt seen x16 pastels my self yet though. But as sugguested check where they are made.

Please make sure that you’re getting Verbatim Pastel Disc, not Verbatim Color Disc.

Pastel Disc: Made in Japan by TY with TY media codes.
Color Disc: Made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics with MCC media codes and technology. Slightly different color set.

I’ve personally never run into 16x pastels, but nothing is impossible with Verbatim these days :smiley:

I can’t see because I want to order from an online store. But they are called Pastel Colored, so they are probably the same MCC manufacture that both you and kg_evilboy are talking about. There are 25 pack spindles of both Plextor and Verbatim which are sold as TY but I’ve never bought a spindle before as I don’t need that many discs. There doesn’t seem to be an alternative though, local stores definitely don’t sell anything with good quality. Actually I’m contented with MCC and MXL discs I have, but for CD-R I couldn’t find anythig decent, so I decided to order some Plextors, and since I’m already ordering I thought I should get the best DVD-Rs as well. So I guess it’s going to have to be the cakebox.

Thanks for the help everyone