Verbatim "pastel disc" series - gone forever?

So, a couple of days ago I visit the local cd shop to buy some more Verbatim Pastel Disc series discs, which are TY, and they tell me they’ve ended the production and now only Verbatim Color Disc are availible, which is produced by Verbatim itself. Can anyone comment on this - is this true and if it is, why on earth would Verbatim kill a series that’s selling like hot choclate?

So by the looks of it, I will have to switch to Verbatim datalife (MCC) or Verbatim Color Disc, which are not perfect alternatives for TY.

Most likely, although some local shops still carry Pastel CD-R (but not DVD media anymore).
Switch to Verbatim DataLifePlus/Advanced Azo/Super Azo, which is at least nearly as good. Or look for those packs.
You can always get unbranded TY from Rima and SVP too.

Can’t get them here. But what about color disc then? Is it any good?

It’s just as good as usual Verbatim Made in Taiwan is… very good quality, but not as good as Taiyo Yuden.

So the mcc azo series is probably the way to go now, when TY is not availible. Should be better generally than verbatim’s own production?

MCC Azo is Verbatim’s own production.

In my experience the Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal Super AZO 52x CD-Rs are just as good as Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs. Some drives burn the Verbatims slightly better than the TY and some drives burn the TY slightly better than the Verbatims. Some drives are better at burning the Verbatims at maximum speed and some are better at burning the TYs at maximum speed.

It’s impossible to declare a clear winner between these two excellent CD-R media.

My experience is based on the Verbatim CD-Rs that are “Made in China” and on Taiyo Yuden 48x CD-R media with Plextor branding (not Verbatim Pastels).

The Pastels CD-R are still showing on the Verb Europe website so maybe they are still officially available. Certainly SVP in the UK still stock these.

The Super AZO that I have are MII & are virtually as good as my Pastels - still got 200 - so are an OK alternative to them if & when they are no longer available.

The standard Extra Protection are recently showing some batches as MIJ with a TY dye, no idea what the quality is though.

Oh yes, I was talking about DVD media. :doh:

I need some cds, I am thinking of buying from SVP as they seem to do cheap Taiyo Yuden cd-r’s, I am currently looking at the verbatim pastel cd-r 48x, Could you’se please advise me on which cds under £20 are the best on

Are the media star (Taiyo Yuden cds meant to be good)

Also are the pastel colours there just to make them look good.
I have read in many places the verbatim pastel cds
have meant to be the best, they seem to have excellent reviews, what is it about them that makes the pastel cds so good?

I would really appreciated some replies ASAP.

The Pastels are good because they’re Mad In Japan with a Taiyo Yuden dye.

I’d get the product code 1085 which are the Verb Pastels as I know these are excellent. All the reviews agree with that as well.

Just a bit insane then :bigsmile:

Just got 100 Verb Pastels from SVP, though I’m saving them for something good :smiley:

As for the Mediastar ones, I bought a 10 pack of the coloured ones, yep they’re good for the money :iagree:

I meant the [B]Mediastar (Taiyo Yuden) Silver-Topped 52x CD-R[/B],

Can anyone tell me if I should go for the media star or the Verbatim Pastel coloured cds?

Also what about the [B]Datasafe (Taiyo Yuden) Silver-Topped (48x) CD-[/B]R

I really need your help!!

What about the [B]Taiyo Yuden Unbranded (48x) CD-R[/B],

PLEASE TELL me which cds I should buy.

Thanx in advance 2 everyone!

Of all those, I’d say the Verb Pastel CDR, or the unbranded TY CDR (though watch out for fingerprints!) - you get more for your money with those two.

I haven’t tried the Mediastar ones in the 100-packs, so can’t comment there. I’d imagine they’d be on a par with the unbranded ones.

As for Datasafe, just my personal opinion here but I’d not use them. :slight_smile:

Thanx Arachne, would u say the unbranded taiyo yuden cds are just as good as the verb pastel cds?

They’ve given me no problems, but I can’t compare them to the Pastels as I haven’t opened mine yet (the Pastels). :slight_smile:

only one problem is that the delivery adds quite a lot of money, i am new to SVP, so can u fill me in on any discount codes etc?

Not sure what, if any, the coupon code is for this month, maybe one of the others will know.

Only one I know is the one from last month :o

SVP have different discount codes running all the time, but they also have a standing offer of a permanent (small) discount for CDFreaks members.

Read here for more information.

Discount that may be interesting for you right now:

Pioneer 112D 18x CD/DVD Writer Only £10.99 when buying some Mediastar Taiyo Yuden discs.

The pastel cds turn out to be cheaper so ill probabaly end up going for them, are the pastel colours just to make them look good and do they look good? I would like printable taiyo yuden cds but they r too expensive