Verbatim own manufacturer?

I got some Printable CD-Rs 52x from Verbatim and on cd info in nero it says that they’re their own manufacturer…i never knew that, is it true? If so are they any good? thanks :confused:

This is a common mistake. MCC media is often shown as manufactured by verbatim but only because MCC is used as the MID code.

Verbatim (MCC) is made by a number of manufacturers (CMC, Prodisc, MBI, and Mitsubishi Kagaku Media). Verbatim is the brand name for Mitsubishi discs. Only discs that say ‘Made in Singapore’ on the packaging are actually made by Mitsubishi (verbatim). ‘Made In Taiwan’ could be CMC or Prodisc, ‘Made In China’ is CMC and ‘made in India’ is MBI.

CD info is only taken from the MID code of the discs, so Verbatim will always show as the manufacturer (as long as it is a mitsubishi code). ‘Made in Japan’ Verbatim discs are manufactured by Taiyo Yuden and use TY codes.

“Made In Singapore” (Mitsubishi) Verbatims are often referred to as the highest quality Verbatim discs that you can buy. But these are rare. CMC made discs are also very high quality. The Made In Japan TY discs are also very high quality, but do not use the Mitsubishi recording materials that the other manufacturers use.

Nero CD-DVD Speed isn’t psychic, so it doesn’t actually know where the media is manufactured. It merely reads the media code (DVD) or ATIP (CD) and looks it up in a table.

If CDSpeed says that you have CD media manufactured my Verbatim, then you have very good media using Mitsubishi technology and quality assurance, but it’s not manufactured by Verbatm but rather by an outsourcing partner such as CMC in Taiwan, CMC in China or Moser Baer in India. Perhaps there are other possibilities as well.


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okay thanks for the help!! :slight_smile: