Verbatim outsources DL DVD production to India



Somebody might be interested…


Oh, this could be fun…:eek:


Oh well, looks like I go back to splitting discs when my Verb DLs run out. :doh:



After reading here meny times about people saying that the MII SL aint that good quality wise i can safly say im not happy to here this news.


Come now, lets us at least [B][I]try[/I][/B] some MBIL-made MKM DL media before we panic…


Agreed - lets see the results first. Panicking won’t get us anywhere :bigsmile:


LOL, ever the calm, logical one…:bigsmile:

Edit: And Kev too :bigsmile:

Mind you, my Sammy loves the MII SLs…it might like MBI DL Verbies.


Time to line-up the relatives and friends to apply for the rebates for Newegg’s next Verbatim DL sale.


“Don’t panic Mr. Mainwaring!” :bigsmile:

Only Brits will get that one :wink:


I looked it up on Google - that’s good.




Thanks for the heads up, [B]Sonoluca[/B]. :slight_smile:

No reason to panic, indeed. Let’s wait and see. Also this will make prices drop.


Not panicking, just not optimistic since no one else seems to have the handle on making DL media. If MKM ships the manufacturing equipment and supervision to India, maybe there’s hope.


[B]Oh noooooo!!![/B] there will be panic and riots in the streets and I’ll have to go and take out
a second and third mortgage on the house so I can stock up on MKM DL discs. J/K :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: All kidding aside
it says there will be both MKM and the MBI discs on the store shelves so if a person watches close enough
they can still get the MKM and leave the MBI sitting there on the shelf for some other poor sucker to buy. :wink:
The only bad thing will be buying them off the internet you won’t be sure which ones you’ll be getting unless
the etailer specifies which ones they are selling. :doh: Hey who knows maybe the MBI’s will turn out to be half
way good after all. :wink: (keeps fingers crossed)


[B]ricoman[/B]: MKM has never shipped supervision to India. It simply doesn’t exist at all over there :wink:

Seriously: I hope MIS will continue to exist just like in the 8x days when jewel-cased media was sometimes still Singapore and cakeboxes were always Taiwan or India. I also hope that Verbatim and CMC start liking each other again so high-quality ODM DVD+R DL media production can begin. [I]In CMC I trust![/I] :slight_smile:

This is old news actually, [B][buck][/B] mentioned that last year already.


Doesn’t CMC already manufacture it’s own +R DL media? I don’t see anyone recommending it though… :stuck_out_tongue:

CMC/Prodisc/MBI, it’s all a crapshoot IMO.


Actually I’ve seen some awesome results with it, but also some poor results - probably depends greatly upon burner support. The best DL burn I’ve ever seen was from a CMC disc though, I think it was burned on one of the new LG’s.


Well, if they get those Indian fellows who are working at the plant to keep the quality high it should be ok.

Then since the people in India probably get paid at slave labour prices per hour, we should get cheap DL media!

Hooray for slave labour!!!


You are :



c)Full of yourself

d)Just plain stupid.

Slave labour? In a CD/DVD manufacturing plant? Why don’t you just pay the MBI factory a visit and see the kind of people they employ there?

@Arachne/Drage - I apologise for my post and the language used, but when people post misinformed opinions, it pisses me off.

Just wait for them to come into the stores first, then post “opinions” on their quality…


[OT]That was only meant for a joke. No offence was intended to any indian people such as yourself. I don’t think anyone in the plant would be paid slave labour or anything like that. It might be cheaper though to manufacture the discs in India, which is ultimately the point I was trying to get out. Maybe I took it too far but you have also by resorting to calling me names and such.

My opinion is not misinformed. You could call aussies a bunch of beer drinking hill-billies, but that just isn’t true (there is of course the rare breed of hicks around here and there) I wouldn’t take offense and call you stupid and whatnot. :flower: