Verbatim Or TDK (TY)


I have a bit of a dilema here. I can get the Verbatim Digital Movie Disks in those nice clear cases, which are DVD+R 4X or I can get the TDK DVD-R 4X which are TYG01 media.

I know TYG01 Media is meant to be good, but MCC is also, so just wondered

Hi Ya

Verbatim Digital Movie = Eye Candy !! Burn very well , no errors or problems , +R bitset to Rom and they play in everything…at least my experience.

TY G01 = When God created perfection he made the Tayio Yuden Factory :slight_smile:
you’ll never go wrong with TY !!

Both are good, depends what you want ie something extra nice to look at (i’ve got lots of Digital Movie because i like to look at them…call me weird !) i’ve got lots of TY pastel’s because they were the cheapest Ty’s i could find when i went on a buying spree, i’m about to get hold of a large number of TY printables because i have a an R800 waiting to be unpacked and used .

Depends on your prioritys but they are both good. Saying that i still haven’t been able to impress a chic with my digital movies …:-))



TY hands down.