Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden?

I’ve looked around to a bunch of places on this forum and I still cannot decide on what to get for my NEC 3520, and DVD burners in general. I know what media is good and bad, but I am still a little stumped on what good media is the best :slight_smile:

I am looking at and I have heard they sell genuine YUDEN000T02, so this was my first consideration… Then I started reading about Verbatim’s and I am wondering what to get… One of my questions is that on it doesn’t say the Verbatim’s ID, am I guaranteed MCC003 or could it have a different ID?

URL for the Verbatim:

What would you pick, Verbatim or the TY’s?

Thanks for your time,

This is No Brainer, TY all the way. But Verbatim is very good. Cant go wrong with either one

Yes I agree with ghetocowboy. If you can’t get TY go with the Verb.:iagree:

For the 3520 you will get the best results with TYG02 and MCC 02RG20. I haven’t tested the TY +R but the MCC 003 from Verbatim is not so good. See my scans and media test data for more precise info.

Keep your eye on for deals on the Verbatim. Last week they had both for $30 per 100 with no rebates. Verbatim has discontinued their 8X so more sales should follow.

If you want TY DVD media, has been a good place to find consistent quality and low prices for long. If you want Verbatim MCC003 or MCC004 media, look for special deals on other places offering heavy discount. Once both TY and Mitsubishi media were expensive in the US market. TY media were still expensive when they first were mass-distributed in the US. They got reasonably cheap just months after that. By the time most royal CDFreaks in the US could agree that TY’s one of the best manufacturers of DVD recordable media (write-once SL only though), at least 4x and 8x became nearly as cheap as anything made in China, even cheaper than some “garbage” disks distributed in places like South Korea. It’s a little different story with Mitsubishi/Verbatim because Verbatim itself is a US company (though still just acts like a sales branch for Mitsubishi Chemical) and Mitsubishi Chemical’s been the largest and most important player of DVD blank media (so early adopters often had to buy only Mitsubishi or Pioneer.)