Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden Printable Surface

Trying to figure out which printable surface is better, the Verbatims or the Taiyo Yudens. Any pics showing the difference or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Have printed disks professionally with my Epson, and tried many different brands of diskc. I now use only the T-Y. The last two bundles, of 500 each, all burned and printed without a single problem. I tend to buy from meritline (when on sale or with free shipping) but don’t restrict myself to just them. Always looking for a better deal!! :iagree: Go to to compare prices. And don’t forget the standbys like Tiger and Newegg.


Also check They have good sales on TY too.

I have had great success with the TY and Verbs (MCC004) regarding printable surfaces, had the verbs with free shipping last week, deal might still there.

so far, i have tried 70+ MCC004 verbatims, and i’m a little bit disappointed:

#1. out of those 70+ burns, 6 or 7 turned out to be coasters; the burn failed on me at 99%! i have used 450+ “regular” 16x MCC004 verbatims (ie. not the hub-printable ones) and had NOT ONE SINGLE coaster!!! both were CMC-made and MIT.
#2. the printable surface is so smooth or glossy that even after 5 days of drying time, the ink would still smear! compare this to the el-cheapo 16x TDK printables (CMC MAG E01 or TDK003-000), they are fine to the touch only 5 minutes later. clear coating the MCC004 is a must for me, and i use rustoleum clear cloat (“non yellowing, UV-resistant”) from home depot.

my next batch to try would be the TYs and/or Prodiscs from anyone tried the prodiscs R04-04 already?