Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden Media?



Here is a scan using Verbatim DVD-R 8x certified & Taiyo Yuden 8x certified both were burned @ 6x which do you think is the better burn?
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Tyg02 =)


The MCC02RG20 burn has lower average PIE so in this instance I’d say the Verbatim disc worked better, though such a small sample can’t be used to make much of a determination.


but the MCC02RG20 had more PIF errors than the TYG02…so it’s hard to say which of those 2 is better…it would be a relative choice…depends on your idea of good burn…but many people will say TYG02 was better just because it’s a Taiyo Yuden Disc :stuck_out_tongue:

and true, with only 1 of each as sample we don’t have much to choose from :stuck_out_tongue:


What did you burn these on and why did you burn at 6X? I usually see better results on my burns with this media at 8X.


IMO, both burns are within limits. If I’d choose, I pick TYG02 since it’s capable to 16x in most 16x burners.


Yuden…however, both burns look fine.


Thanx Guys
btw I will try some scans @ 8x & post the results but the last time I tried with my NEC 2500 they werent so good but Ive yet to try the 3500 & 8X
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Here are some 8X scans using TY & Verbatim they seem better & I thought slower speeds would be a more accurate burn :eek:
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That is a common myth propogated by people who are too cheap to buy decent media. :wink: It is true that if you use shite media that slower burns can help you out. If you are using decent quality media, then it makes sense to burn at the speed it was rated for. :wink:


I’ve been using verbatim media for ages now but I’ve noticed that the last batch of 50 I had were inconsistant and I have about 20 to go back for analysis to the supplier (luckily he’s a mate! :slight_smile: )
I’m down to the last 3 or 4 now but the last 20 or so have been ok, some very static and low, others showing a peak at the end.
I have to say though I’m now using the same Taiyo Yudens as Quest solver and I’m getting REALLY nice results with them - see attached images. :iagree:

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I get the same results as your second scan when I burn my MCC at 12X on my 3500. I can reduce this a bit when I go to 8X but then I get a little bump at the front. As neither of these ever go above 35 PI and the PIFs are low I just live with it. A shame they have this problem now.


I take it that these are the Taiwanese (CMC Mag or Prodisc porduced) MCC discs? That would explain alot. That sucks that Verbatim isn’t really doing Singapour produced (true MCC) media anymore.


Your last scan is the best Ive seen in a long time. I used to get scans like that when using my old NEC 2500. To many PIFs tho.
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Me - I’d take the one that got to my front door at the lowest overall price- (which probably means going to Best Buy or catch one of those great Amazon sales)-



Here’s another good scan - best one yet with the TY at 6x
On the price side, I paid about 60 UK pence for each TY disc and I can get the Verbatim’s for 40 - 45 pence each but I’ve had a really bad experience with them lately so I think I’ll stick to TY for now…


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Most likely the CMC MCC discs; the Prodisc MCC seem to be of better quality,


My own personal experience was as follows:
on Win2k PC, Sony DRU700A burners burnt DVD-R and +R at acceptable rates.
but on WinXP PC, same burner burnt DVD-R in horrible quality.
but +R media burns continued to be excellent.
I also found that TY 4x media burns were better quality than TY 8x medias
on WinXP machines with DVDShrink/Nero 6.0
Unfortunately, not able to find the TY 4x DVD+R media at anymore. ;-(
some of my older burns are at

Conclusion: Liteon burners like TY DVD+R media.
same information has been listed in the liteon FAQ as well… listed at


Yo- has some bulkpack Taiyo Yuden 4x on sale for like $.35 shipped for 100 - looks like it is shrinkwrapped instead of on cakebox type spindle - but if you have spares - seems like now would be the time to stock up-



Okay Guys
just bought some more Verbatim DVD-R 8X DataLifePlus. These seem to be a better quality than the other batch I had. See scans & compare with my earlier posts. :iagree: Still using official firmware! See how the pattern has changed slightly is this due to dye batches?
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