Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.. best for psx backups?



hi guys… sorry if this was mentioned before, but i’m just going crazy on this thing… i dont have moolah right now and i wasted $22 ripoff bucks on verbatims which were CMC! :a heh i’m really tight on moolah… anyways… just to make sure, can someone tell me what cds are better for psx backups (anyone who uses them with experience) the best i hear is verbatim datalifeplus and taiyo yuden… but i can’t decide! this time i’m buying off the net because it’s cheaper i guess? well then… which is better for psx backup?

DataLifePlus CD-R 52x 80 Min/700MB 1 Pack In Slim Case - reorder 94521
(are these mcc dye?)
these taiyo yudens (if they are real ones?)
oh and if you live in canada and/or bought from… would these taiyo yuden cds have lines that you can write on, like other cds, cuz i’m a pretty neat person. heh…

so i hope u guys can help me please, i’ve used memorex and those verbatim cmcs, and they came out as corrupted data on my games…and sorry u had to read this long story… so in conclusion, which is better to buy and really works the best? ok… soo yea thanks alot guys! :slight_smile:



I thought Verbatim DataLife and DataLifePlus were all made in Japan by MCC…



MCC doesn’t make any recordable CD/DVD media in Japan, and hasn’t for a long time. Most MCC media is made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics and Prodisc, with a little being made in India by Moser Baer and even less being made by MCC itself in Singapore.


Shows what I know then :frowning:

Seems these media makers are taking over…

I just bought some Verbatim DataLifeplus.



As said best is verbatim or ty media but having said that as its psx games and they are all on cd then try something cheaper…
I used to use all sorts of media for psx games and most work fine they are more forgiving than dvd media well in my opinion anyway…
What should also be noted is that psx lasers are not all equal some can be a bit picky…
Try some different media and burn at no more than 4x and you should be ok


i could care less if its made in japan or anywhere else… but just wanting to know which plays perfectly… cuz the bad media (cmc cd-rs?) is screwing up my memory card and not saving… thats the only problem i have with it… anyways… so watchu guys are saying is that verbatim datalifeplus cds are made with mcc but from cmc company? so what does that mean? sorry i’m notinto this dyes’ and cd manufacturer business… just need to know what cds work best heh… should i still use the verbatim dlp if they are from cmc? cuz i heard on that the best media is dlp mcc… i was more leaning towards verbatim than taiyo yuden now…

so just wanna know if i should get the verbatim dlp mcc… even if its from cmc (is that a good thing?)… lols im confusing myself now… heh ok but thanks fer helping out still :slight_smile:


I’ve tried a few brands, MCC is of the few that work in my ps2 (ps1 and ps2 backups). You need DatalifePlus (depends where you live whether verbatim still market that name) which are AZO and blue-ish on the dye side. Prodisc, CMC, Gigastorage CD-R do not work on my playstation. Only AZO mcc and Nanya plastics (lol) have worked at all.


I’ve read that many have great success with TY on PS systems, but I unfortunately can’t back that up with tests or personal experience. I can say the best media I’ve ever used is TY for making DVD movie backups, because they have the lowest error rates.


There’s also Verbatim DataLifePlus 52x CD-R Crystal + Super AZO media Made in China, and I have also seen Verbatim DataLifeplus Color 48x CD-R media Made in Mexico.

The Made in China CD-R’s are great in my NEC 3500 burner btw.


TY CD-R burned at 4x seem to work best. For the most part I don’t believe in slow burns but for PSX and PS2 CD-R backups there is a definite difference. Just listen for the sound that is produced and compare that with discs burned at higher speeds and you will know what I am talking about.


I would say Verbatim cdrs, that what i used for psx backups,burnt at 4 speed.Never used TY cdrs though.

Verbs made in china and mexico. All the verbs i can find here in the uk are made in india or taiwan.Mainly india. Thats the Verb DL+ 52X speed


India=Moser Baer. Taiwan=CMC Mag or Prodisc. Given the price, I would definitely go with TY over the manufacturers that Verbatim outsources to for CD-R media. More consistancy with them.


hi guyss. sry to sound annoyin… but say im gonna buy verbs dlp from china, or india? what sites can i buy them from and would u guys have pics of what they look like?.. cuz sites dont tell u where what country were made from…and that would ship to canada, and is cheap please … and thanks a lot fer helpin me again heheh


I would choose TY’s for sure. Great quality, and low error rates. I ran a surface scan on a couple DVD’s and found 1-2 damaged blocks of data, but nothing can be 100%, I mean if you wanted 100% perfect go out and buy the real thing.

I made the mistake of frantically (sp?) looking for TY’s ever since I heard of them from this forum, and bought 100 DVD-R, and found out they were knockoff one’s.

Then I found out about and bought 100 DVD-R 4X (Media ID: TYG01) and they are the real deal.

Anything shown on are real they are not knockoffs ask anyone else who has purchased from very good products.

I’m about to buy 50 TY CD-R 52X, they are silver lacquer no lines, exactly as shown in the pic. Oh and also they leave some fingerprints…

hope this helps.


You misunderstood one point and I’m telling you.
It is true that MCC/VBTM CD/DVD Medias are made at
CMC, Prodisc, Ritek, MBI and other factories.
However, the dye, stamper, and all of the media is
managed and tested by MCC technicians.
Therefore, the quality of these medias are as good as
MCC medias produced in Singapore MCC factory.
In my opinion, in CD-R the TY is better. However, in DVDR, MCC is better
however, in MCC medias, where it was produced is not the quality-determining factor.


There are verbatims by Tayo Yuden,Made in Japan, both DVD+/- and CD-R


The “Best” CD-R in my personal experience for PSX are:
Maxell 4X rated gold top made in japan (Maxell Hitachi)
Maxell 4X rated gold top Made in Japan (TY)
TDK 4X rated Gold/White Top Made In USA
TDK 8X Rated White Top Made in USA
Those are the best for me, but there might be other media, but I did not have varieties of media in the past, only those and a few others, but those are the best, read/load as fast as brand new original discs.
The newer higher speed rated Fujifilm made in japan, Taiyo yuden, works great too, but I still give the edge to those old media. I guess this is due to my old burner, it doesn’t like newer discs and no new firmware updated
I use my old scsi plextor 12/10/32S and WinCDR for all my PSX burning. I am pretty sure the newer TY works well for PSX too, just that my burner doesn’t have good support for newer media