Verbatim or Fuji

Between BB (sale ends today) and CC (good till 7/28) the following are on sale

at BB: Fuji MIJ 8x +R YUDEN000T02 $40 for 100
at BB: Verbatim MIT 8x +R MCC 003 $20 for 50
at CC: Verbatim MIT 16x +R MCC 004 $10 for 25

that comes to the same price of $.40 per disc for all
I usually burn at 8x on a Plextor 716A
What do you guys suggest? (I’m leaning towards the Verb 16x)

If anyone is near a CC all the Verbs are on sale. Pretty sure most are in store only. Verbs at CC

One other thing. Using the Q-Check TA test from Plextools Professional I ran a few tests on media I had. The Fuji’s mentioned above tested “good” and the Verbs mentioned above were “good” also. I tested some Teons (CMC Mag) 8x +R I had and they tested “very good”. I don’t plan on using the Teons for anything but testing/giveaways because they are lower quality and will probably degrade a lot sooner(4th class as opposed to 1st class for above mentioned, based on this Digital FAQ and other posts here and at After Dawn) Can anyone explain how I get “very good” results for 4th class media and “good” for 1st class? This confuses me.


I would personally go for the TY discs. Some burners/firmware revisions will allow you to burn them at 16x.

Me too!