Verbatim OC

OC Freak,

I need to know what files I need and how to flash my Verbatim 40x12x48 drive to a Lite-On firmware. I don’t want to overclock it (I may do that later), just get it to be recognized as a Lite-on. I tried the windows firmware flash from lite-on’s website and it would’nt work on my Verbatim…it worked fine on my Cendyne 32x10x40.


I suggest you grab one of the binary files for the LTR-40125S and use mtkflash to convert it.

It did’nt work… Now I have dead drive… When i tried to flash I got “error can not open input file” in DOS

:ZLMAO bought a verbatim from staples it is in fact a lite on drive but same problem “ERR unable to open input file”
This is same error you get when i tried to flash a 32x liteon thats “not overclockable”
so it would seem some of these 40x lite on “verbatims” are using the wrong chipset?

As soon as i get a new drive i will post the firmware ver# as reported by nero/clone
Specs on puked drive