Verbatim NON DLP any good?



I was just wondering if the NON DataLife Plus Verbatims are any good? Seeing a 50-pack spindle of these and wasent sure whether the NON DLPs are decent or if they are terrible…


These media don’t have MCC code anymore :sad:


The recent “Extra Protection” (formerly [I]DataLife[/I]) stock can be

  • Moser Baer India (Made in India)
  • CMC Magnetics (Made in China, Made in Taiwan, some old Made in Mexico or Made in EU/Ireland stock)
  • Prodisc (Made in China, Made in Taiwan)
  • Taiyo Yuden (Made in Japan - rare, but usually much better than the rest)
  • isolated reports of Ritek (Made in China, Made in Taiwan) and Daxon (Made in Malaysia?)

All these are good for everyday usage.
But I would only trust Taiyo Yuden (and maybe CMC or Daxon?) for long-time storage.


Unfortunatelly all disc mentioned,are still advertise (or due package missprint) as Verbatim Datalife in many shops if google it :doh:
So many customers have confuse choice,even for TY made discs


The DataLife name has been phased out after 48x.
Most shops were just too lazy to change it, I think :slight_smile:

Verbatim Extra Protection (formerly [I]DataLife[/I]): Anything (mostly Prodisc, CMC, Moser Baer India, sometimes TY).
Verbatim Pastel Disc (formerly [I]DataLife[/I] too): Taiyo Yuden.



Okay, well just wondering these NON-DLP Verbatims(MIT), even though they aint as good as their DLP counterpats, are they still better then say Sony’s 16x AccuCore DVD+Rs ?


Sorry but was you talking about verb dvd’s ?? because by the replies in seems everyone thought you ment cdr’s. Dont think Verb dvds have carried the DLP name since the x8 discs.


Yeah I’m talking about DVDs :stuck_out_tongue:

Well here in Australia they still carry the DLP name, but anyways I was just wondering if say the Verbatims(MIT) with CMC media code are better then the SONY D21s (AccuCore)


The Verbatims will have an MCC code, not CMC. CMC make the discs using MCC technology. I have 16x MCC004 by Prodisc and CMC with DLP logos on the packaging :slight_smile:

MCC004 will probably be a better bet than SONYD21’s


Im talking about the Verbatims with NO DLP on the packaging. Ive heard NON-DLP Verbatims usually have a CMC media code.


I have Verb’s that don’t have DLP logo, and they’re MCC004.


I have some non-DLP Verbies in front of me now - MCC004, made by Moser Baer India. As Kev mentions, I also have some non-DLP in CMC and Prodisc flavours, both MCC004. :wink:


Okay just making sure, I just thought only DLP Verbatims are MCC. Because the this particular shop has a 50pack spindle of 16x Verbatims DVD+R, though I didn’t see a DLP logo on them, so I assume they were autmaotically a CMC media code, which is what stopped me from buying them.

BUt yeah they are NON-DLP, though they have ‘Advanced AZO’ label on them. I plan on buying them and I just HOPE they have a media code of ‘MCC’

One more thing, Verbatims with a CMC media code, are they still decent?


They will have an MCC code. When you go to buy them, check the Country Of Origin - Made in Taiwan will either be CMC or Prodisc, and Made in India will be MBI.

As for Verbies with a CMC code. I never had any, all mine, despite Country of Origin, have been MCC. Only Verbies I’ve had with a CMC code have been CDRs. :slight_smile:

Edit: And any MIT Verbies will be better than Sony (at least they have been for me).


Yeah these spindles are MIT, so I can safely assume they will ahve a MCC code? :stuck_out_tongue:


Which may be true for Sony media made in Taiwan, India or Luxembourg.
But if these Sony are Made in Japan, then these are either Taiyo Yuden or Sony’s own media from Sendai, which are very good as well.

They’re Advanced Azo and MIT, so they should be MCC. :slight_smile:


Hehehe, the MIJ Sony is so rare (well, nonexistent) over here, that I often forget about it. Thanks for the reminder :flower:

Off Topic:

In Australia we still have some DLP lines. Verbatim full printable 8x dvd+r and dvd-r and white printable (AZO) 52x CD-R still carry the DLP name. Thankfully our non DLP dvd media are still MCC made so the DLP name doesn’t carry much significance anyhow. Additionally we don’t have any ‘Extra Protection’ or Pastel sold here


You still have 8x DVD media? :eek:
I would LOVE to get some more MCC 003 and MCC 02RG20, they’re truly excellent media. :sad:


Yep still being sold. Gradually less but easy enough to find:
(search engine showing many stores listing 8x Verbatims)