Verbatim Moser Baer 8X DVD+R?

Just bought a 25 pack today and seen they are manufactured by Moser Baer of India instead of the usual Tayo Yuden / Mitsubishi which Verbatim usually use. Aren’t Moser Baer supposed to make crap discs? Why are Verbatim using them now?

Verbatim just announced that they are going to use several new manufacturers, using their (verb’s) dye. Moser Baer is reported to be pretty reliable, though I haven’t come across them. But, they are also using CMC which are highly suspect. Post a couple of scans, I would be interested in seeing them.

Verbatim have been using CMC for sometime and while I have had nothing but below average to junk quality disk made by them (non Verbatim), other people report their Verbatim disks made by CMC are generally high quality.

I personally have not seen any CMC made Verbatims so cant comment.

As for MBI the admitidly few samples I’ve seen range range all over the spectrum from excellent to landfill quality.

Post a few quality scans of those MBI disks if you can, be interesting to see.

I’ve had varying results with CMC-made MCC media, ranging from better-than-TY to utter crap, but usually it’s in the middle. Surprisingly though the two spindles of pure CMC 8x +R discs I have work great.

That’s good to hear. Are those CMC MAG E01’s? The Costco special this week, by chance? How do they compare to TY +R’s?

Yes, they are E01s. However I got them some time ago. One is a TDK 8x +R spindle I got a Best Buy while the other is HP, from Staples.

Just burnt a few and seem ok, hopefully posting some scans for you all tonight.

Right now, most 8x non-printable Verbatim media is made by Moser Baer.

BTW, do these have a Moser Baer media code as well? Or MCC003 code?

All I’ve seen have still had MCC003 media code.

Just went thru 10 Verbatim Digital Movies made by Moser Baer (DVD-R) each one was outstanding.

I haven’t seen any MCC made by MBIL in the US.

@ GregRod:

Your Moser Baer Verb’s … what MID/TID do they come up as? MBI or MCC?

For comparison please also post your bar code, inner hub code, outer hub code. Cheers.

recored with Plextor DVDR PX-712A v1.07 @12x Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.01
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x MCC 003 Made in India
0-23942-43481-8 ZD3596-DVR-X47B 5104 522 +R C F 01234

Moser Baer rocks. At least with my 1693S.
Very satisfied with it…however, I’m buying them as TDK DVD+R 8X.