Verbatim MKM001DL Pioneer 111D and xbox360



I have an xbox with hitachi dvd
a Pioneer 111D 1.29 firmware
and the Verbatim MKM001 DL
wich speed and wich program is the best for the backups ?

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Hi mariotego :)…just for future reference, the Blank DVD Media Tests Forum is for test results only, not questions or discussion. You’re more likely to get a response if you post your questions in the main Blank Media section. :slight_smile:


Burn them at x2.4, use imgburn.

Dont forget you must set the layer break. To do so in imgburn go to tools -> settings -> write tab. Then tick user specified under the Dual Layer Options and in sectors in L0 you need to have 1913760.


The LB is read in the from the .DVD file, you don’t need to set it manually.

That ‘trick’ hasn’t been needed since v2.x.x.x came out.


OK, did’nt know.


The imgburn release notes are most powerful and informative. :wink:
You can even read between the lines.

LUK! Supreme tool!!


I dont read release notes. I still do it manuelly anyways just to be on the safe side, just incase one day i load the .dvd file burn it and find out the LB was wrong.


I’ve used your same setup for the same purpose and 6X works great. I used 8X, but the speeds fluctuated quite a bit and the 2nd layer always burned at 6X anyway. It still worked fine. 8X over 6X only saved a few seconds. I’m not a believer of CD speed varying quality as long as it’s 8X or less.


Espoecially when it is DVD… :bigsmile: