Verbatim MKM001 DL



Newegg has the 10pk marked as the deal of the day for 24.95 and free three day shipping. Not the best price i have ever seen but not bad.


Not worth it IMHO when there are in-store sales almost every weekend on the 10 packs for $20+tax. Or the 20 packs on sale for $40+tax. If the sales were really far and few in between then I would agree that it would be worth it.


Where is a 10 pack for $20 or 20 pack for $40? It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen one (last one at Best Buy).

I bought a 20 pack off ebay for $40, +$7 for shipping. Not great, but not shabby.


Yes i have been checking prices and Best Buy was the last time i saw any sale on the Verbatim MKM001 DL. It seems atleast for know the Verb MKM001 are drying up. So with no shipping charges, sales tax these are about $2.5 more than the $20 per 10pk sale.


Pardon my curiosity, but do you know this for a fact?


No i do not know this for a fact. All i know is for the last two or three weeks there has not been much out there. I have a rain check with Best Buy for the last four weeks for the 10 pack of Verbs MKM001 and i checked with the store a few days ago and they did not know when they would get them in.


HA! I have the exact same raincheck and have yet to hear anything. I figured they just forgot about me.