Verbatim MKM001 DL on a 812s@832s CG3B?

anyone tried yet a burn with Verbatim MKM001 DL on a 812s@832s CG3B?
i’m looking for some scans in this forum but with no luck.

You and me both. Has somebody tried it yet that can show us a scan. :slight_smile:

I guess i shall be the first in here to post this scan…
Codeking,what shall i do for the upgrade?
Please give me the correct instructions,i dont wanna loose my 812s!!!
Just apply the firmware CG3B on my 812s?
Any other settings to do?
The disc is waiting to be burned…
Gonna try it with a DVD9 movie.

Yes, use the patched _12S@_32S .exe from the package on CodeGuys’ site.

1/ Download the CG3B file from my site in the 832S section.
2/ Unpack the files and run the file with 812S in the filename.
3/ Click yes
4/ Select the correct drive from the dropdown list
5/ Click update
6/ Reboot
7/ That’s it. Your ready to burn dual layer with stepped recalibration.

Thanks, I look forward to the result. :slight_smile:

Here you go guys. Don’t have 812 anymore. Did scan on 1633s. But this disk did with CG3B.

Cool :). Thanks slon.


What do you mean burn DL with stepped calibration? I am new to this and just wondering what you mean by it.


This is the first DL burn with my 812s@832s using the CG3B f/w (old f/w in my 812s was US0Q)
I followed the above instructions,booktyped it to DVD ROM for compatibility and burned it at 2.4X using the Read-Write modes in DVDecrypter.
I made a full backup of a DVD9 disc movie.
Till the first half the scan looks terible ,but after that everything look great(i think).
No compatibilty problems on my home cinema system(Toshiba SD220E player).
Do you think that the burning software may caused this bad result on the first half?
Or the booktype setting to DVD ROM?
I believe that you(COdeking) can find a way to improve the scan result on the 1st half of the disc.
I also attach a scan of a Verbatim SL +R (MCC002) disc and i can say now that all my worries in a previous post about 812s@832s with CG3B are now belong in the past!!!
COdeking you rule my friend…

To all the media manufacturing companies:
Give Us Cheap DL discs!!!

Thanks for that :). Yes, that first layer could certainly have been better. I understand there are some bad MKM001 out there that can produce this exact result. It would definitely not be the booktype setting and I would be surprised if it was the burning software. Going by slon’s scan above, I would be inclined to blame the batch of media at this stage. I wonder what software he used to burn the disc…

As well as changing the speed shift points, CGxx uses a burn recalibrate approximately every 0.5GB by fooling the drive that it needs to do a speed shift but to the same speed, not a new speed. The result is much like a buffer underrun every 0.5GB.

Is it worth continue buying such verbatims DL media ,or should i try something different?And if so which DL media code-brand and from where to buy?

I’m also curious on what software did slon used…

It would be worth trying another brand. Where do you live?

I did use dvdshrink plus nero, probably .20 version.

I live in Greece but i can order from any online shop in Europe.
Just give me some links with shops who sell DL media.

I’ll have to let someone else in your neck of the woods, provide you with that information. :wink: