Verbatim/MKM shipping 2x Blu-ray recordable and rewriteable media

I just posted the article Verbatim/MKM shipping 2x Blu-ray recordable and rewriteable media.

Verbatim/MKM Shipping 2x Blu-ray Recordable and
Rewriteable Media
Unique Recording Layers, State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
Produce Ultra-stable Recording/Playback and Consistently High…

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I wonder how much there gonna be. I hope not to much!!!

Not much - The price of a mini toaster oven! :smiley:

I’d guess over 25 USD/disc for the BD-REs, though even 40 USD/disc is worth it for the rewritable ones.

Link Write once media is 18 bucks
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when i saw Pioneer jump on the Blu-ray wagon, i knew BR-D was gonna win the battle. Pioneer have been leaders of DVD reading & writing since… forever :slight_smile:

Since it has only a 5 times the capacity of a normal DVD, it should cost at most 5 times a normal DVD to worth. I applied the same math when I switched from CDs to DVD; I’ll wait for the price to drop; but I assume this will happen in two years from now so I’m not interested for now.