Verbatim MKM 001 2.4x DVD+R DL for $34.99 free shipping

a 20-pack for $34.99 free shipping!


are they still MIS at the egg


I do not know. I buy my Verbatim in stores so i can visually check the MID for MIS instead of MIT.


To much of a risk, it’d suck to get some MIT or MII.

I posted this a few weeks ago, repost

I came from Micro Center
20pack Verb DL was $27.99
and someone got MII Verb DL from Newegg it was [B]20pack[/B]

what is MID / MIS/ MIT ??? which is the best? and how would i check? thanks

Made in Singapore, Made in Taiwan. For Verbatim MIS is best but, for single layer MIT isn’t bad. You can find rebranded Dony Dl’s Made In Singapore that are actually Verbatims. Made in Japan Sonys are more then likely rebranded Taiyo Yuden which is really good, You can find out more by using the search feature.

thanks for the info, and sorry for my noobiness.

No problem, we all gotta learn some way.

Uh there is no such thing as MIT DL Verbatim. It is all either MIS or MII. :wink: Also, not sure if Metrock made it clear, Taiyo Yuden, MIT media, ect. that everyone recommends is single layer media. So don’t go searching for Double Layer media that fits that description. Double Layer media has a much more complicated manufacturing process and thus quality control is essential. Hence the reason why most of us only feel comfortable recommending the MIS DL Media.

thank you sir. so when i go to the store to buy verbatim dl disk, i should make sure that it is made in singapore?


Just got mine. Made in Singapore.

then how is this possible?

  • i bought Verbitm 2.4, at computerland (official reseller, according to Verbatim site)
  • label states “made in Singapore”
  • I burned with NEC ND-3570A @ 2.4x

But as you can see, the result is poor…

Can anyone tell me what i did wrong???

even worse with speed 1x…

Uh, maybe because you are scanning it with an NEC which definitely isn’t the most reliable scanner out there. Lite-On, Benq or Plextor drives are the only ones I would trust for such things.

Oke, but does that means that my NEC ND-3570A also is a bad writer?

[QUOTE=inspiration;1947986]Oke, but does that means that my NEC ND-3570A also is a bad writer?[/QUOTE]

DL writing is a very unreliable affair. I have three Benq 1655, one NEC 2610, one NEC 3540, one LG H31L. I use only MIS Verb, 2.4x and 8x. The 8x-rated is burned at 8x, the 2.4x is burned at 2.4x or at 4x. The results can go from 0% to 97%, even with two disks of the same rated speed in the same session (same content, same burning speed, same everything, etc.) one right after the other. The software is Nero 7. The Benq drives slow down considerably and burn at about 2.4x even when the media are 8x and I specify 8x as burning speed. So I scan immediately after the burns to check the quality, which is impossible to guess beforehand. I burn about two disks to get one good one.

[QUOTE=inspiration;1947986]Oke, but does that means that my NEC ND-3570A also is a bad writer?[/QUOTE]

No, it just doesn’t scan discs very well. Although I would definitely pick another burner over the NEC these days. I prefer one drive for ripping and scanning (Lite-On) and another one for burning (Pioneer) this way I get the best of both worlds.