Verbatim MIT - MCC004

Hi Folks,

Scanned with SONY DRU-720A
Data written using LG H42N

Data Disc - written in UDF format, single session using LG H42N

I feel that score is somewhat low for a Verb MIT

Also, i ran many scan using different burned discs, and the results are very variable
Is this a good scandrive to rely upon?

In the absence of a jitter reading, I’d say that’s a very nice scan…if it’s a movie disc, I trust playback is good?

Edit: nm, I see it’s a data disc.

What’s a Transfer Rate Test like? :slight_smile:

I tend to ignore quality scores, but I don’t think that’s a low score at all, since you mention it.

I don’t know if that’s a liteon or samsung based drive. Try to enable jitter by clicking on the “advanced” tab. If it can scan jitter, it’s probably a liteon.

Results look good but I never trust them 100% anyways. Not sure what makes you think they are bad results?