Verbatim MIS CD-RW (High Speed)!

I went to my local Saturn (which only opened last week, and sells Panasonic TYG03 and TDK YUDEN000 T03 among other interesting things) and looked at their CD and DVD media.

They had almost the full product palette of Maxell and Verbatim, and I discovered that the Verbatim CD-RW High Speed were Made in Singapore, but the Ultra Speed ones were Made in Taiwan.
The odd thing is, the MIS HS CD-RWs packaging said “Verbatim Corporation, 2004” and the MIT US CD-RWs said “Verbatim Corporation, 2003”, so this means that Singapore is not making single layer DVDs anymore but has at least been making CD-RW until 2004. I wonder whether you have MIS CD-RW in your area :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I’d known about this when I was media-hunting a few days ago…I’ll take a closer look at the CD-RWs in my local PC World and Curry’s stores next time I go :iagree: