Verbatim Metal AZO for DiscT @ 2


If any of you still
DiscT @ 2 blanks needed, I would give some.
ATIP: 97:34:21
MCC (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
Made in Taiwan (1999)
Shipping from Germany is possible.


Looks Interesting.
I think i dont have more then 5 or 10 Pieces at all from this Media. All are burned.
And i still have the YAMAHA F1? drive. I send you a pm.


I have you send a pm.


I also have plenty of Mitsubishi/Verbatim Metal Azo CD-Rs and would be willing to offer some to collectors if desired. I have both 97m 34s 20f (1x-6x) and 97m 34s 21f (1x-8x-12x-16x) varieties, branded as Mitsubishi, Verbatim and Yamaha. Most are in individually-sealed 10mm jewel cases but I do have some that are individually-sealed in 5mm slim cases.