Verbatim / Meritline Rebate Hassles

Back in early February I bought the “50 Pack” Verbatim 16X deal at Meritline with the $20 rebate. The discs arrived promptly, however, I received two 25 packs. The Meritline website stated that the rebate of $20 required the UPC from the 50 Pack, which off course I had not received. Nor was there a rebate form for the 50 pack, just the form for $10 rebate for the 25 pack. I submitted two rebates for the amount of $10 each in the same envelope and noted that I had ordered the 50 pack but received two 25 packs and therefore was eligible for the full rebate.

About a week later I receive two rebate denial forms from Verbatim actually sent from denying the rebates because the date on the Meritline invoice did not meet the Rebate time frame. I called the rebateshq at 866-856-3964 on 02/22/05 and pointed out that the Meritline invoice date was within the rebate timeframe of 1/15/2005 to 2/15/2005. The very courteous young lady told me she would approve both of the rebate requests. A month later, I called again and was informed that only one of the rebates for $10 was approved and the other was denied because of the date of the Meritline invoice, in spite of what I had been told earlier. After some discussion with the rebateshq customer service guy he agreed to approve the other $10 and to expect the check in another 6 -8 weeks. When I pointed out that this rebate had been approved earler by the other Customer Service representative (who I had named) and that he should expedite the payment, he stated that there was nothing that he could do.

Bottom line, they keep the $10 for another 8 weeks and accrue interest on it. Multiply this process by 50,000 customers and they have made $15K to $20K a year in interest.

This is probably the toughest $20 I ever made, but I will be dammed if I will let them get away with this.

I got denied $10 on some Fuji CD-rs from BB.

I had a similar rebate hassle on a Verb rebate through Supermediastore. The idiots at sent me a love letter stating that the UPC I cut directly from my 100pk spindle didn’t qualify for the rebate. I called them up to straighten it out. Because of other complaints that I’ve heard about, I decided to call Supermediastore. After explaining the situation to them, they called up the people to make sure my rebates were validated. The customer service at Supermediastore is pretty good. They even called up and left a message that they took care of the rebates for me. :slight_smile:

In the future, if I have a moment of weakness regarding a tempting rebate, I’ll make sure that doesn’t have anything to do with the processing. :a

same problem with me. I bought 3 pack verbatim DVD-DL disks for $8 per 3 pack… and rebateshq has sent me the love letter saying invalid purchase date… no idea why… as the receipt clearly tells the purchase date…

This seems to be like rebateshq is deliberately making this kind of trouble… hoping that people won’t follow up.

esp… since i called up rebateshq customer service… , gave them my order details… and they said… yes… thats right… we will fix this… and send u the rebate checks.

so it seems like they are pulling a scam.

what really got me going was that when I called them (rebateshq), they said that they’d allow me to validate the rebate over the phone “one time only” like it was my fault. Luckily, I had photocopies, of everything I submitted, in front of me to back me up. I really wanted to go off on the person and ask what exactly was supposed to be wrong with what I submitted, but cooler/wiser heads prevailed. :a

The more I hear of this place, the more I think it’s just policy to refuse rebates adn see who calls to complain. I’m betting it’s well under 50%.



that’s exactly what I’m thinking. Put out some hoops for people to jump through. If they don’t, then they’ve made some easy money. I wonder if they get $ advance from the companies so that any $ that isn’t released is kept.


Looks like you have a pretty good grasp on the scam.

The fulfillment house OfficeMax uses is the same way. They offer you a “courtesy” approval like the fault was on my end.

To be completely fair and honest about this Verbatim rebate, today I recieved in the mail one of the two $10 rebate only 3 days after complaining to BTW, I think also handles Symantec (Norton antiVirus, Ghost etc. ) rebates as well of those of OfficeMax. The rebate websites are curiously similiar. Makes you wonder what’s real name is?

I have had few problems with Symantec rebates and Office Max has been reasonably good. So maybe the fault does not fall to but to the agreement that strike with the manufacturers. In any event I suspect that the Justice Department’s settlement with CompUSa over rebates has sent a message to these companies to get their act togeather.

You and me both. I actually got denied twice. That is why I am weary of rebates now. :wink:


I would be weary and “wary” of rebates. :iagree:

I just got 1 out of 2 verb rebates sent to me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but it looks like getting your retailer (Supermediastore in my case) into the fray helps. Funny thing is now I have a total of 3 rebates pending even though I only submitted 2 total for my 2 spindles. Maybe got confused by the combination of mailed rebates and phone “validated” rebates. Geez, if I get 3 $30 checks, what should I do with the extra one? :wink:


I would immediately send the extra rebate check back to them - NOT!!!

Cash it and buy more media-


If one were a vindictive but honest person, he would send it back to them. You have no idea how difficult it for these comapanies to reverse a check once it goes out. I suspect the internal costs to them would be in excess of the $10 rebate. But of course, it would be the honest, right thing to do.


Companies could easily drop the price by the amount of the rebate and dispose of the rebate process altogether. But the purpose of the rebate is to attract you into the store to buy the product and then hope that you either don’t send it in or you mess up some way. They also hope that if they deny you the rebate you won’t do anything about it. In many cases it is a virtual sale.


Well said.

Not to mention, it’s a loan that’s interest-free. (Well, YOU and the one GIVING the loan kinda pay interest, in the form of sales tax in most states.)


You can contact rebatehq @ 972-538-7200

Be persistent. Don’t give up. The person that answers will try to make you call somewhere else.

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